VMC® Power Trio Guarantees More High Fives All Summer Long!

You’ll be giving your fishing buddies more high fives this summer than ever before when you tie on VMC’s power trio – the new VMC Bladed Hybrid Treble Hook, the new VMC® Tokyo Rig®, and the new VMC® Finesse Neko™ Hook. Bass anglers throughout the country are discovering the incredible effectiveness of VMC’s powerful line-up of bass fishing rigs and hooks.

The VMC Bladed Hybrid Treble makes your favorite baits extra-fishy by being extra-flashy. It comprises a small silver willow blade attached by a resin-sealed split ring to the back of a 1X-strong, wide-gap, short-shank, high-carbon steel VMC Hybrid Treble. On the split-ring, the willow-leaf trailer can rotate 360 degrees, so a bait’s built-in action can make it kick out in any direction. Each time it does so, it will catch any light penetrating the water column and flash. VMC Hybrid Treble hooks are available in four sizes: 2, 4, 6 and 8.

The VMC Tokyo Rig may be the most versatile bass fishing rig ever. It features a heavy-duty hook, barrel-swivel, welded O-ring, and a 2-½-inch rigid-wire dropper arm to which you can attach a weight or two of your choice. The original model featured a Wide Gap hook, but the new Flippin’ Hook and Worm Hook models make the innovative fishing system more versatile. Easily customizable, the VMC Tokyo Rig can carry enough weight to flip heavy cover or punch mats.

The VMC Finesse Neko™ hook is perfect for finesse drop-shotting and finesse Texas rigging. This new hook features an adjustable fluorocarbon keeper that helps your plastic worm stay on your hook. It features a Pro’s Choice 3° offset point for increased hooking rate. And a smooth epoxy resin closes the hook eye to prevent line from slipping though.

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