Meticulous to the Core: “Made for the Outdoors” Captures the VMC® Story

The next time you’re in the thick of it battling a monster muskie, trying to muscle a big bass out of a thick patch of hydrilla, or bowing in respect to a giant silver tarpon, consider this: the only thing that stands between you and that fish is the integrity of your fish hook.

If you understand this, then you’ll understand why VMC® goes to such lengths to meticulously design and manufacture its fishing hooks. Built with strength and finesse, VMC hooks are relied upon by anglers in every corner of the world and account for hundreds of world-record fish. It’s why all Rapala, Storm, Luhr-Jensen, Blue Fox, Williams, and Terminator lures rely on VMC for their hooks.

Simply, there are none better made, or as sharp.

To learn about the story behind VMC hooks, Made for the Outdoors, the U.S. television program produced by Ron Schara Productions, traveled to Morvillars, France, a small town near the border between France and Switzerland, to see, firsthand, how VMC hooks are made and what makes them so special.

During the episode, Made for the Outdoors host Bill Sherck walks viewers through the VMC factory, sharing the step-by-step process VMC takes to engineer and manufacture its hooks, from showcasing the machines custom designed by VMC to make its hooks to the tests inflicted on its hooks to test their quality at every step of the manufacturing process.

A portion of the program also delves into the history of the Viellard family business, which traces its roots back to 1672 when the young company made nails for horse shoes and wood screws, and the formation of the Viellard Migeon & Cie (VMC) company in the 1800s. VMC began to make fishing hooks in 1910.

If you love fishing and you enjoy learning how your gear is made, it’s safe to say that after watching the episode about VMC hooks on Made for the Outdoors, you will gain a deeper appreciation for your fishing hooks and the passion that the people of VMC put into crafting the best fishing hooks in the world.

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