Get More Strikes with VMC® Hard Ball Jigs

Put fish on notice, it’s time to play hardball. Pitch VMC’s new Hard Ball Jig for more strikes, fewer misses and a full count of fish for your limit.

Featuring a traditional round-ball head and a built-in molded keeper, VMC’s Hard Ball Jig comes armed with a premium, high-carbon Steel, black-nickel-finish VMC hook.

VMC® Hard Ball Jigs come 4-per-pack in a single color and 10-per-pack and 25-per-pack in assorted colors. They come in three sizes: 1/8 oz. 1/0 hook; 1/4 oz. 2/0 hook; 3/8 oz. 2/0 hook.

A full dozen color patterns are available in the Hard Ball Jig line-up: Bubble Gum (pink and chartreuse), chartreuse, chartreuse orange, firetiger (black accent, lime green, chartreuse and an orange accent), pink pearl (pink, white and a red accent), white, black, chartreuse lime green (lime green, chartreuse and an orange accent), fathead (black, white and a red accent), purple albino (purple, white and a chartreuse accent), parrot (sky-blue, chartreuse and an orange accent), Blue White (sky-blue, white and a red accent).

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