It’s not easy being green. That’s why so few frog baits catch fish as well as they catch anglers’ eyes. Thankfully, Terminator’s new Walking Frog — a bait that takes this bass fishing staple to a whole new level — works as good as it looks.

“A great frog needs more than a fancy paint job,” says Ott DeFoe, a four-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier and the 2011 Bassmaster Rookie of the Year. “It needs to walk right on every cast and its hooks and weight need to stay out of each others’ way. Most frogs fall short in that regard.”

The Terminator® Walking Frog, however, was designed tip to tail to convert blow-ups into hook-ups.

“It’s a more productive frog, designed to maximize its hook’s efficiency,” DeFoe says. “Not only does the Terminator Walking Frog have a great walking action, but we also did some really neat, creative things with it under the hood, so to speak, to offer up a bait unlike anything bass anglers have seen.”

For starters, the Walking Frog’s trapezoidal-shaped weight won’t interfere with its hook at the moment of impact, according to DeFoe.

“In a lot of frogs, the weight’s right in the way of the hook, right where the frog squishes down as a bass engulfs it,” DeFoe explains. “So with the Walking Frog, we made sure the weight is shaped and positioned to stay out of the way of the hook.”

Designed for both heavy cover and open water, the Terminator Walking Frog features lifelike detail from nose to skirt. Tail-weighted to increase casting distance and stability on the retrieve, it features a custom VMC® frog-gap hook.

An ability to shed water in between casts is another feature that sets apart the Walking Frog. A water-logged frog is hobbled by added weight and unbalanced action, throwing off its cadence and causing big bass to take a pass. The Walking Frog’s design eliminates this issue, making it a hawg hunter’s dream.

“No matter where or how you work them, most hollow body frogs have a tendency to take on water and bog down a bit with the added weight,” says DeFoe, who suggested a “design tweak” to solve that problem with the Terminator Walking Frog.

“Having as little water in your frog as possible on every cast is a big deal to keep the action right,” he explains. “So we engineered a neat little trick that clears out any water for every cast.”

Measuring 3 inches long, the Terminator Walking Frog weighs 11/16 oz. and is available in eight color patterns: White Camo, Cocoa Camo, Black Camo, Hot Mud Camo, Brown Leopard, Yellow Leopard, Lime Leopard and Green Leopard.

For more information on Terminator lures, visit terminatorlures.com.


  1. I’m somewhat interested in purchasing a Terminator Walking a Frog, but, don’t get me wrong, I saw the thing going through heavy cover with no problems, but, he didn’t catch anything. If a product that advanced is to be marketed, don’t you think the consumers would want to see results? The guy’s a pro, sponsored by Rapala, not some commercial actor, I think fellow anglers and myself would like to see him snag a 12 pound largemouth. Or am I just living on Fantasy Island?

    • I’d have to say that I would also be much more enthusiastic about the new lure if I watched a fish take it. 11 1/2 pounds would be just fine.

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