Sufix® 832® Braid Won’t Break Off Or Bust Your Budget

When you’re paid to put fish in the boat, you don’t mess around with the thing that puts fish in the boat. That’s the message in a new commercial featuring Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Dave LeFebre. And that thing LeFebre doesn’t mess with? His fishing line – Sufix® 832® Advanced Superline®.

“Sufix 832 prevents break-offs at a price that won’t bust your budget,” says LeFebre. “The same line that helps me win prize money is now available at an even better price.”

In finishing 14th in the Bassmaster Classic in March on Texas’s Lake Conroe, LeFebre threw a Terminator Popping Frog on 65-pound-test Sufix 832. In a runner-up finish in a Bassmaster tournament last April on Alabama’s Wheeler Lake, he used it to land big bass on both a Terminator® Super Stainless Buzzbait and a Terminator Popping Frog.

“Sufix 832 is the braid of choice for putting fish of all species and sizes in the boat, in all sorts of situations and conditions,” LeFebre says. “It’s not just for pitching and flipping into heavy cover for largemouth bass.”

Numerous attributes make Sufix 832 key to putting fish in the boat, including increased sensitivity to feel light bites, the ability to make long casts, and easy hook-sets. Sufix 832 does not stretch, so when you set the hook, a fish is pegged almost immediately. Monofilament and fluorocarbon line will create a slight delay – more so with the mono – because they stretch.

Leveraging R8 Precision Braiding and state-of-the-art fiber technology, Sufix 832 achieves superior strength, roundness and line consistency that puts conventional fishing line to shame. Its patent-pending construction of 8 fibers (7 HMPE plus 1 GORE® Performance Fiber) and 32 weaves (pics) per inch is the key to the braid’s unmatched quality. GORE® Performance Fibers improve abrasion resistance, increase casting distance and accuracy and also reduce line vibration.

Sufix 832’s HMPE fibers provide high strength and sensitivity, hydrophobic water-repellent protection and allow for a small diameter. Available in five colors and up to 80-pound tests, it is sure to keep trophy fish hooked during even the most epic encounter.

See Sufix® 832® Advanced Superline
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  1. R Sufix is the ONLY line that has worked for me ! As it casts very well, holds up in rugged river water & has helped me to bring in some of the biggest fish I have ever caught !!! I am sold on it !!! Thanks for being there for me ! sincerely your devoted fisherman , John Lukasik !

  2. The strength and toughness of Sufix helped me to land a 24 pound northern Pike on September 30, 2016 while fishing for bass using a 6 inch swim bait.
    I had been fishing with that line all day in tough cover, so, I know it was not in pristine condition. It is the only line that I fish now, thanks for making an outstanding product.

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