The superline of choice for boating saltwater fish of all species and sizes, in all sorts of situations and conditions, is now available in a blue-pattern option for blue-water anglers. Sufix® 832® Advanced Superline® now comes in a variegated color called Coastal Camo.

“I’m looking forward to putting that on a lot of my spinning reels, baitcasters and deep-sea reels,” says George Poveromo, host of World of Saltwater Fishing on NBC Sports. “Beyond what it’s capable of doing, this is a cool-looking line! When you put that on your reels, your spools flat-out look cool. Wherever you go, you’re going to get noticed with that.”

People will take notice too of the big fish you’ll bring to the boat on Coastal Camo Sufix 832. Available in strengths up to 80-pound test, it’s not just sharp-looking, it’s also super strong, sensitive and abrasion resistant.

“Sufix 832 already has the reputation as being the best and toughest braid out there – that’s established,” Poveromo says. “So if some off-beat brand came out with something like Coastal Camo, people might be a little reluctant, like ‘Yeah, it looks cool, but how well does it work?’ But because it’s Sufix 832, they know it’s the best braid and it will perform.”

Numerous attributes make Sufix 832 key to putting fish in the boat, including increased sensitivity to feel light bites, the ability to make long casts, and easy hook-sets. Sufix 832 does not stretch, so when you set the hook, a fish is pegged almost immediately. Monofilament and fluorocarbon line will create a slight delay – more so with the mono – because they stretch.

HMPE®  and GORE® fibers provide Sufix 832’s high strength and sensitivity, hydrophobic water-repellent protection and allow for a small diameter.

Sufix 832 in new Coastal Camo is available in 150yd. – 3,500yd. spools.

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  1. I get it! Thinner and stronger. What about rock fisherman, will they find that this thinner line abrades and parts on a sharp rock or crustacean shell more readily than say, a much thicker but same breaking strain monofilament?

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