Trigger Bites Down Deep with the New Storm® Original Deep Wiggle Wart®

When walleye, bass, pike and other species head deeper, it’s time to pull out the new Deep Wiggle Wart®.

Boasting the Original Wiggle Wart’s time-tested, proven action, Storm’s newest bait delivers deep-fish satisfaction. The Original Deep Wiggle Wart triggers big bites in water depths from 11 to 13 feet.

“Being able to get down there in that strike-zone with that deeper profile – that’s a huge deal,” said Rapala® Pro Jacob Wheeler, a four-time Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour winner. “This Deep Wiggle Wart – it’s a fish-catcher. You just know when you pick it up, you’re going to get a bite.”

“You throw that Wart in the spring and the winter – you see everybody go to it,” said Rapala Pro Gerald Swindle, 2016 Bassmaster Angler of the Year.

As have many competitive anglers, Wheeler has “cashed a lot of checks on an Original Wiggle Wart®,” which runs about 7 to 9 feet, depending upon the diameter of the fishing line he’s using.

“But now we have the new Original Deep Wiggle Wart®, which allows me to really get down there to fish that I feel have not really seen that profile or that action before,” he said. “That’s a huge deal.”

Created from Storm’s original molds, both the Original Wiggle Wart and the Original Deep Wiggle Wart feature an inimitable wide-wobbling action and rattle that mimics the movement and sound of crawdads. Compared to other legendary crankbaits, like Rapala Shad Raps and DT’s, a Wiggle Wart’s action is extreme.

“This bait is so aggressive,” Wheeler says. “There’s times when these fish just want that wide-wobbling action.”

For Brandon Palaniuk, 2017 Bassmaster Angler of the Year, the best time to throw a “hard-charging, hard-thumping” Wiggle Wart is often in the spring, when frequent rains dirty up a lake.

“You get that spring runoff, a lot of times that’s what these fish need to be able to track your bait down,” said the Storm® and Rapala® pro.

When targeting bass holding on deep, rocky bottoms, Wheeler said, a slow and steady retrieve will allow an Original Deep Wiggle Wart to trigger bites best.

“As fish root around in the rocks, you do not have to crank the speed up too fast to trigger those fish into biting,” he advises. “Take the time to just sort of feel around in those rocks. You don’t want to overwork this bait.”

Original Deep Wiggle Warts measure 2 inches and weigh 7/16 oz. They come armed with two No. 4 premium black-nickel VMC® treble hooks. They’re available in 25 color patterns.

“There’s a lot of different colors that come in the Storm Original Deep Wiggle Wart, where you can match the exact color for every scenario that you’re dealt,” Wheeler said. “You have your confidence colors. Confidence is a fish-catcher in bass fishing.”

Check your local retailer for availability.

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