Storm® 360GT Searchbait® Weedless Jig Heads take swimbaits where few can follow

Big bass in thick cover can see so many flippin’ jigs they’ll hardly bat an eye when another falls near their nose. But show ‘em a swimbait and they’ll come out swingin’. The new Storm® 360GT Searchbait® Weedless Jig Head can take swimbaits where few can follow, triggering bites from bass that can’t be bothered by anything else.

“A lot of your bigger fish, they live in thick grass and way back in heavy cover,” says Bassmaster Elite pro Jacob Wheeler. “To get to those fish without getting hung up all the time, you want something that’s weedless, snagless. And a swimbait is something they don’t see a lot, so that can be a great way to get bit.”

A thin wire guard protects the 360GT Weedless Jig Head’s premium VMC® hook, allowing you to fish swimbaits in and around heavy cover and thick vegetation with ease. “It’s ideal for fishing around submerged grass, hydrilla and milfoil,” says Wheeler, who’s won two top Bassmaster tournaments and Fishing League Worldwide’s top prize, the Forrest Wood Cup.

Additional features of 360GT Weedless Jig Heads are life-like design, 3D holographic eyes, a single-ball rattle, an exclusive VMC Coastal Black hook and an extended, 60-degree line-tie leg. “It’s not just a normal lead-head jig,” Wheeler says. “It’s really got a lot of detail in it.”

360GT Weedless Jig Heads are designed to pair perfectly with 360GT Searchbait bodies. Creating the ultimate illusion of a live baitfish, a toe-in boot-tail gives a 360GT Searchbait incredible fish-attracting action. Made from phthalate-free soft plastic, 360GT bodies feature a hook channel and well-marked hook-exit hole, making them extremely easy to rig.

360GT Weedless Jig Heads come two-per-pack in two sizes, ¼ oz. (4/0 hook) and 3/8th oz. (7/0 hook). They’re available in five color patterns – Chartreuse Ice, Gaga, Smokin’ Ghost, Smelt and Tru Blue. Pair the lighter jig with a 4.5-inch 360GT Searchbait body. Pair the heavier jig with a 5.5-inch body. The baitfish-shaped bodies are available in 11 color patterns to perfectly match regional forage: Chartreuse Ice, Gaga, Herring, Houdini, Hot Olive, Marilyn, Pearl Ice, Smokin’ Ghost, Smelt, Tru Blue and Volunteer.

The Weedless Jig Head is the newest offering in Storm’s popular and productive 360GT series. “GT” stands for “go to” bait. Anglers can expect to catch bass, walleye and pike on 360GT Searchbaits. Ease of use makes them great for anglers of all skill levels.

See Storm® 360GT Searchbait™ Weedless Jig Head

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