The Delivery Series Season 5 Part 3: Twitchin’ Mullet Delivers Numerous Redfish in Louisiana’s Mississippi River Delta

Just keep driving. Just keep driving a little more. Seventy-five miles to the south of New Orleans, the road ends. There’s water everywhere. This is where bayou meets Gulf Coast. This is where the action starts.

Venice, Louisiana, may be known as Tuna Town, in honor of its world-class offshore Tuna fishery, but when fall arrives, Venice is home to some feisty bull Redfish.

It’s here where two lucky Captains receive an enticing package that cannot be ignored.

A new video by Rapala, part of the ongoing The Delivery series, opens to a silent-film style black-and-white visual of a package arriving on a Venice doorstep. But, when the door opens, it’s not Laurel and Hardy behind the lens – it’s Captain James Peters and Captain Kyle Bone, giddy at the prospect of reeling thrashing redfish out from under the Mississippi Delta’s sleepy waters.

Peters and Bone lead the charge at Osprey Charters Offshore Fishing, where they are sought-after inshore and offshore fishing guides. With more than 30 years of angling expertise combined and multiple wins at some of the country’s most prestigious angling tournaments and rodeos (such as the New Orleans Invitational Billfish Tournament), these two use their business to share their passion and knowledge of the sport by guiding trips for others.

But, today, it’s just these two experts on their own…and they are chomping like a hungry gator to hit the water. When the Captains open the package to see the X-Rap® Twitchin’ Mullet sitting there in all its glory, Captain Peters only has one thing left to say: “Let’s go get the boat, Bone!”

Fall is prime time to catch bull Redfish in Louisiana…and boy do these anglers deliver. Black and white melts into flashes of red and silver as the anglers pluck beast after beast out from under the reeds and mangroves and pull them onto their boat.

According to Bone and Peters, this fishery loves artificial baits, and the X-Rap® Twitchin’ Mullet – or “Magic Mullet,” as the captains call it – takes the cake. The subtle, relaxed, side-to-side action of the lure is designed to perform a wide-twitching, walk the-dog swimming action. Extreme flash with X-Rap® attitude triggers the attack instinct in fish. Slow sinking allows a glide and drop technique that lands the Twitchin’ Mullet into pockets where big fish love to ambush their prey.

The men seal their perfect afternoon with a toast – with two Redfish in hand, of course – and boat back to shore, but not without adding this stellar new lure to their tackle box.

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