The Delivery Series Season 5 Part 1: Massive Schoolies Pummel Rapala® Twitchin’ Mullet in Cape Cod

In a new video in Rapala’s The Delivery series, outdoor videographer and angler Matt Rissell is routinely assessing the rewards of his lobster cage when he notices that he pulled something peculiar out of the water.

Rissell is no stranger to pulling odd or even monstrous catches from the ocean. Though the videographer has captured some of the most jaw-dropping beasts that make up Cape Cod’s fishery – both with a lens and a hook – Rissell has traveled from Tanzania to Tahiti to Costa Rica and everywhere in between, in search of his next best catch.

Pushing a sturdy lobster out of his way, Rissell grabs the object out of reach from greedy claws. And there it is – a package addressed to his partner in life and in angling, Kayla.

Already feeling the adrenaline of knowing just how many fish are in the water beneath them, these two passionate anglers open the package to reveal a brand-new X-Rap® Twitchin’ Mullet lure.

With this shiny new bait on Kayla’s line and swarms of gulls circling around the hungry fish below, not another minute goes by before driving their boat to the edge of the feeding frenzy. Rissell positions the boat upwind so Kayla can get the perfect downwind cast. This position lets the lure stand out from the “bait ball” and gives Stripers and Bluefish time to track it.

Rissell’s strategic positioning works in their favor, but it doesn’t take much for this lure to flash its magic from the live bait below. The subtle, relaxed side-to-side action of the Twitchin’ Mullet is designed to perform a wide twitching walk-the-dog swimming action. The lure’s extreme flash with X-Rap® attitude triggers the attack instinct in fish. Its slow sinking buoyancy allows a glide and drop technique that lands the Twitchin’ Mullet into pockets where big fish love to ambush their prey.

When they’ve gotten everything they can out of the Great Harbor, the anglers head to Vineyard Haven Harbor, where they realize even more explosive action is waiting for them…

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