When targeting mid-depth structure in clear water, you’ll find no better bait than a Scatter Rap® Glass Shad. The new Rapala®crankbait combines translucent color patterns, a classic Shad Rap® profile and an inimitable Scatter Lip™.

“By adding a Scatter Lip to a Glass Shad Rap, one of my all-time favorite baits for summer walleyes just got better with the introduction of the Scatter Rap Glass Shad,” says Tom Neustrom, a Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame Legendary Angler. “The Scatter Rap illusion of a spooked baitfish fleeing attack is heightened, and its see-through body emits and reflects surrounding colors, resulting in a completely natural appearance.”

Built on classic Rapala body shapes, all Scatter Raps resemble baits already in your tackle box. What makes them unique though, is a revolutionary curved Scatter Lip that creates a built-in triggering mechanism that’s effective on multiple species in many conditions, says Al Lindner, a Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame Legendary Angler.

Featuring what’s best described as “evasive action,” a Scatter Rap mimics a spooked baitfish fleeing a predator, moving unpredictably from one side to the next, back to center and then kicking out to one side again. That built-in ability to change direction is what makes Scatter Raps so deadly, Lindner says. “And to catch fish with a Scatter Rap,” he says, “no elaborate rod-tip maneuvers, wrist motions or jigging strokes are necessary. You don’t have to do anything but reel in.”

Neustrom has long championed Glass Shad Raps for several reasons – they dive a bit deeper than balsa Shad Raps; they track tightly at even fast trolling speeds; and their unique color patterns excel in clear water. Adding a Scatter Lip to create the Scatter Rap Glass Shad will make it even easier for him to put fish in the boat.

Translucent body construction and holographic foil inserts combine to give Scatter Rap Glass Shads a chameleon-like ability to pick up the color of their surroundings and bounce back the same colors in an iridescent glow. “When fished in either bright sunlight or low light, the lure looks completely alive,” Neustrom says.

Scatter Rap Glass Shads will be perfect for trolling for fish holding in 10 to 14 feet of water. They will track true even at speeds over 2-½ mph. They’re great for casting for walleyes, too – they cast a mile and suspend on the pause to elicit strikes. Additional features include an internal rattle and two sticky-sharp No. 4 VMC® Black Nickel Round Bend Hooks.

Scatter Rap Glass Shads measure 2-¾  inches and weigh 7/16 of an ounce. They are available in 14 colors patterns: Blue Ghost, Glass Chartreuse Shad, Glass Pink Clown, Glass Purple Shad, Helsinki Ghost, Olive Ghost, Glass Shad, Glass Pink Tiger UV, Glass Green Tiger UV, Glass Black, Glass Blue Shad, Glass Perch, Glass Purple Clown and Glass Yellow Perch.

“For a lot of clear-water situations, especially, I like the blue and silver and the natural perch,” Neustrom says. “They just work really, really well in the northern tier lakes I fish.”

See Rapala® Scatter Rap® Glass Shad


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