Rapala® – The Delivery Series

Today, Rapala® lures are trusted by Anglers in over 140 countries worldwide.  Rapala’s reputation stems from a towering list of world record catches, the knowledge of our Pro Anglers and a history of unwavering dedication to quality.  Each and every Rapala lure is still hand tuned and tank-tested to assure it has the Rapala trademark swimming action that big fish can’t resist.

Over these years, many lures have created their own reputation from the result of all walks of life fishing across the globe and sharing their experience with these lures.  And when it comes to saltwater fishing, Rapala has a goal to continue to bring “Another Great Day” on the water.   This is where a new idea is born.  Rapala – The Delivery Series.

In the first 3 part series Rapala ships a Skitter Walk® to 3 completely different areas of the country, to be fished with different captains, on different waters, for different species.   Some Rapala baits have a reputation as strong as the brand, and this is why we started with the Rapala Skitter Walk.  It is known for its tough rugged construction, walk the dog topwater action, and unique cadence rattle.  Enjoy the diverse top water action with one bait!

Chasing Giant Redfish and Snook in Florida
In Part 1 of Rapala’s “The Delivery Series,” the Skitter Walk is shipped to Melbourne, Florida, where shooter Cole Alcock joins Captain Peter Deeks to test out the lure in Sebastian Inlet.

Monster Stripers in Massachussetts
It’s the fall striped bass migration, and Buzzards Bay is packed. In Part 2 of Rapala’s “The Delivery Series,” captain Jamie Simmons unpacks the Skitter Walk for a Cape Cod outing.

Bear Battles Bull Reds in Louisiana
In Part 3 of Rapala’s “The Delivery Series,” captain Bear Holeman receives a special package has arrived from up north: the Rapala Skitter Walk. In Venice, Louisiana, winter means trophy redfish stacking up in the mosquito-laden marshes.

See Rapala® Skitter Walk®

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