Rapala® Shad Dancer® Now Available In Smaller Size

Anglers asked and Rapala® delivered. The popular Rapala Shad Dancer® is available now in a smaller size. The new No. 4 model measures 1-1/2 inches — half an inch shorter than the original Shad Dancer.

“I like the new shorter, stubbier profile,” says Tom Neustrom, a Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame Legendary Guide. “And, so do the fish. They eat that thing alive.”

Swimming with a silent but aggressive hard-thumping and sweeping tail action, Shad Dancers offer the excitement of a Rapala Tail Dancer in a shad-profile bait. They feature a tough balsa body that dives 7-to-10 feet whether cast or trolled.

“The smaller Shad Rap is really going to electrify the world of crankbait fishing early in the season,” Neustrom says. “And, for the guys who like to troll shallow, this thing’s going to be a killer. There are other crankbaits that have a similar profile that start to fly out on you when you start to go at a certain speed — they’ll fly out, they’ll come up on the surface, or they won’t track. But the new No. 4 Shad Dancer doesn’t have any of those problems. This thing tracks really, really well. It runs true.”

The new No. 4 Shad Dancer weighs 3/16 ounce and comes armed with two No. 8 VMC® treble hooks. The lure comes in 21 attention-grabbing color patterns: Live Bluegill, Dark Brown Crawdad, Firetiger, Green Tiger UV, Hot Steel, Helsinki Shad, Live Largemouth Bass, Perch, Pink Chrome, Purpledescent, Purple Chrome, Live Pumpkinseed, Pink Tiger UV, Red Crawdad, Redfire Crawdad, Live River Shad, Silver, Live Smallmouth Bass, Shad Silver Fluorescent and Yellow Perch.

See what Tony Roach and Al Lindner say about the Rapala® Shad Dancer®.

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