Rapala knives: best on the water and in the woods

The sharpest knives on the water are the sharpest in the woods now as well.

Long famous for its iconic fillet knives, Rapala® is expanding from the fish camp to the field with a new line of hunting knives, The Rapala Classic Birch Collection. Visit rapalaclassicbirch.com for more informationand and for where to buy.

“For nearly 90 years, legendary Finnish blade manufacturer Marttiini® has produced Rapala knives, delivering a level of craftsmanship that can’t be beat,” says Tom Mackin, president of Rapala USA. “With the introduction of the Classic Birch Collection, we’re proud to deliver hunters a selection of knives they can trust to stand up to the most demanding tasks the Great Outdoors has to offer.”

Outdoorsmen have for years packed razor-sharp Rapala Fish ‘N Fillet® knives not only in their boats, but also their field bags, using the legendary blades to skin or field dress wild game or fowl. Now, with six specialty Rapala hunting knives to choose from, they can select a purpose-built blade perfect for any hunting application. Included in the Classic Birch Collection are knives with compact and maneuverable blades for tight detail work, to large, heavy-duty blades for skinning large game.

“Serious sporting enthusiasts demand quality when it comes to the tools of their trade — whether selecting a bait or blade,” Mackin says. “Outdoor enthusiasts will undoubtedly recognize the craftsmanship of this new collection of knives.”

As with each of Rapala’s popular Fish ‘N Fillet knives, all Classic Birch Collection hunting knives are made at the legendary Marttini factory in Finland and feature razor-sharp blades constructed of German stainless steel and emblazoned with J. Marttiini’s famous signature. Each knife in the collection features the iconic Rapala birch handle, through-tang construction, a brass ferule, and comes with a genuine leather sheath with belt loop, along with a molded one-piece scabbard for safe storage.

Here’s a look at each hunting knife in Rapala’s new Classic Birch Collection:

Caping Knife
Compact and maneuverable, Rapala’s Caping Knife features a 3 1/2-inch, razor-sharp stainless steel blade with a slight drop point and a surgical edge. Ideal for tight detail work when precision is paramount, the Caping Knife will help eliminate mistakes and ensure the perfect end to a perfect outing.


Bird Knife
Specifically designed for working with fowl and small game, Rapala’s Bird Knife features a mid-sized, 3-3/4-inch semi-flex blade that’s ideal for making cuts along the bone. The extra-sharp blade can’t be beat when it comes to those tight spaces where bird hunters know attention to detail is key.


Drop Point
Featuring a 3 3/4-inch stainless steel blade with a robust, thick point for tough tasks, the Rapala’s Drop Point Knife is the perfect all-around blade knife for any species of wild game. It’s also a great choice for camping and carving. The slope on the blade’s spine runs from the handle to its tip, leading to a thicker, more durable knife, perfect for all butchering tasks.


A heavy-duty hunting knife that’s ideal for skinning large game, Rapala’s 4 1/2-inch Skinner Knife boasts a curved, razor-sharp stainless steel blade with a narrow tip, making for easy, tight work next to a hide. The narrow tip leads to a wide edge that prevents spring action while skinning that trophy buck.


Clip Point
With its stout, strong design, Rapala’s Clip Point Knife is a must-have tool to bring along on any hunting trip. The stainless steel blade is 4-1/2 inches and has a curved tip with a thinner, exceptionally sharp, fine point. The unique shape of the clip point knife combined with the sharpness of the quality Marttiini blade leads to a quick and deeper puncture when dressing your trophy.


Gut Hook
Rapala’s strong and durable Gut Hook Knife features a 3 3/4-inch blade with a precision hook gap, sharpened radius, and wide tip that reduces punctures, allowing for flawless work anywhere in the wild. The gut hook featured on the blade makes for efficient and confident field dressing, so you can get the job done quickly.



    • Tom,
      For now these knives are found in MN, WI, SD, IA, ND, and MI. Cabelas, Mills Fleet Farm, Gander, etc.

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