Rapala® creates immediate buzz with the deepest Husky Jerk® ever

The hottest trolling bait on the best big walleye waters just got better with Rapala’s® release of a larger Down Deep Husky Jerk® that will run straight and true at 20-plus feet.

Anglers who frequent big-fish waters where their quarry feeds on deep-dwelling forage – like the Great Lakes, Lake of the Woods, Sturgeon Bay, etc. – will love the new No.14 Down Deep Husky Jerk, which will run 25 percent deeper when trolled than a No. 12.

“This is going to be an instant classic among walleye anglers,” says in-demand fishing guide Tony Roach. “With the overwhelming popularity of the Husky Jerk 10 and 12, there’s been a big calling from walleye anglers for an even bigger bait. So, if you’re into big fish, you’re going to want to try the new Husky Jerk 14.”

The new No. 14 Down Deep Husky Jerk presents a bigger baitfish profile to match the hatch on those waterbodies where the gamefish target larger forage species. “Big water means big walleye,” Roach says. “A lot of these fish will roam these big, open basins feeding on big baitfish.”

Trolled at the right speed on the right line, the new No. 14 Down Deep Husky Jerk will run 20-plus feet deep. “In any trolling situation, I want to be where the fish are and target them at their level,” Roach says. “With a larger profile and a deeper-diving bill, you’re going to be able to get this bait deeper and target those giant fish that you’re after.”

Even at high speeds, the No. 14 Down Deep Husky Jerk will swim with fish-attracting action without blowing out. “They’ve got that really wide wobble that walleyes love, especially out here trolling these open basins,” Roach says.

At 5-½ inches long, it is ¾ an inch longer than the No. 12 model. At 13/16th an ounce, it weighs 5/16th an ounce more than the No. 12. It comes armed with three No. 4 VMC® Black Nickel round-bend hooks.

Deep Down Husky Jerks come in 24 color patterns. In addition to their forage-mimicking visual appeal, these deep-running plugs feature tuned internal rattle chambers to add loud, rhythmic attraction. Premium VMC Black Nickel hooks keep even big guns buttoned on.

To get the most depth from Down Deep Husky Jerks, troll them with planer boards on Sufix® Advanced Lead Core line.

See Rapala® Down Deep Husky Jerk

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