Rapala® Adds Four Custom Color Patterns to the Jigging Rap® Line-Up

When you need to go deep, whether it’s in open or hard (ice) water, there’s no lure that has proven its value more than the Rapala® Jigging Rap®. Now, one of the hottest baits for deep-dwelling fish comes in four proven new color patterns — Fruit Punch, Glow Pink Squirrel, Glow Slimey Lime and Head Spin.

Featuring a balanced, weighted minnow profile, Rapala Jigging Raps swim in tantalizing circles on the fall. With single reversed hooks on the nose and posterior, and a center treble hook hung from a belly eyelet, they don’t allow for missed bites — regardless of how a fish attacks, it’s running smack dab into a hook.

The four new color patterns include:

Fruit Punch – Black-purple back, pink sides with four thick black stripes, chartreuse head with yellow-and-black eyes, pink-orange belly.

Glow Pink Squirrel – White back, white sides with four black spots, white belly, pink tail and head, yellow-and-black eyes.

Glow Slimey Lime – Chartreuse back, chartreuse sides with four black spots, chartreuse belly, green head with yellow-and-black eyes.

Head Spin – Chartreuse back, chartreuse sides with eight vertical, black stripes, pink belly, pink belly, pink head with yellow-and-black eyes.

While the names for these new color patterns may sound fun, in reality, they’re all business when it comes to generating more bites for deepwater trout, walleye, perch, crappies, and other species.

Long predominant as ice-fishing lures, Jigging Raps were proven equally productive as open-water baits in the last few years after Jacob Wheeler and other Rapala bass pros won or placed high with them in tournaments.

“They’ll catch bass all over the country,” said Wheeler, a three-time Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour winner. But that’s not all. “The Jigging Rap not only works for walleye, but for many species.”

Indeed, countless walleye pros have won or placed high with Jigging Raps in national walleye tournaments.

The new color patterns are available in all five Jigging Rap sizes — 02, 03, 05, 07 and 09.

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