Rapala® Adds a Little Bruiser to the Rap-V Blade Line-Up

There’s a new Little Bruiser in Rapala’s Rap-V Blade line-up, the 2-inch, 3/8th oz., Number 5 model.

A multi-species hybrid bait that combines the best features of a lipless crankbait and a blade bait, the Rap-V Blade is the most versatile fishing lure Rapala has ever created. Indeed, the “V” stands for Versatility.

“You can fish this lure all day and have fun with it,” said Jeremy Smith, a long-time Rapala enthusiast. “Spring, summer, fall and yes, you can even use it in the winter to jig for fish through the ice. It’s that’s versatile.”

Like a multi-tool of fishing lures, the Rap-V Blade combines the perfect balance of metal, plastic and Rapala expertise to produce instant vibration on both the lift and retrieve. You can catch fish it at any depth, from the shallows to deep water, with a wide range of techniques.

A Rap-V Blade’s extra-wide dorsal fin features two line-tie positions – tie to the front tie hole for a slower, lazy fall; tie to the rear hole for a faster, head-down fall.

The new No. 5 model Rap-V Blade measures a half inch smaller and is 1/8th ounce lighter than the original No. 6 model. It’s armed with two black-nickel VMC hooks (a No. 6 double belly hook and No. 8 rear treble) and comes in 16 color patterns.

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