With an 80-year history of creating memories on the water — and on the ice — few brands know what makes fishing fanatics tick quite like Rapala®, the most trusted name in fishing since 1936. This winter, spread holiday cheer to the anglers on your shopping list with the latest gear from Rapala and Respected Rapala Brands.

Whether they need a few new additions to their angling arsenal or are starting from scratch, the Rapala family of brands is a virtual one-stop shop for anyone that loves spending time chasing a huge hawg or legendary lunker.  Offering the world’s favorite lures, strongest line, must-have tools and accessories, and stylish, yet durable apparel, Rapala has it all. Check out the new products showcased below for all the gift-giving inspiration you’ll need this season.

Rapala® Shadow Rap®  & Shadow Rap Shad®
The Shadow Rap® and Shadow Rap Shad@ Series are bound to deliver anglers consistently massive hookups. With unique actions that mimic the last moments of a minnow or shad, two of the most common forage species in U.S. waters, both baits are designed with lifelike profiles and tantalizing presentations bass have never seen.

Unlike most jerkbaits, the original Shadow Rap kicks almost 180 degrees right then left with each flick of the rod, allowing it to be fished nearly in place with little forward travel, keeping its slow flickering fade right in the strike zone longer than ever before. Available in two models, the Shadow Rap swims between 2-and-4 feet, while the Shadow Rap Deep runs at 4-to-8 feet. Both versions are available in 14 attention-grabbing, lifelike finishes.

Extending this dynamic family of baits, the brand new Shadow Rap Shad and Shadow Rap Shad Deep trigger big strikes in three ways: on the kick, with a slow, seductive rise, and with a snap back to life. Both bass-bustin’ models are available in 10 finishes. The original targets the 3-to-4 foot range and the deep hunts hawgs at 5-to-6 feet.


Rapala® Skitter V
An exclusive V-Rap® belly design radically alters the action of the newest Rapala® topwater lure, the Skitter V. When used with quick rod snaps to create drastic direction changes, followed by soft, long glides on slack line, it constantly entices topwater strikes.

Like Rapala’s freshwater Skitter Walk® lures, the Skitter V is loaded with a single-ball bearing that emits a unique, fish-attracting “clickety-clack” noise.

Designed for both freshwater and inshore gamefish species, the Skitter V measures 4 inches, weighs 1/2 ounces and comes armed with two No. 4 VMC® Black Nickel Round Bend Hooks. It’s available in 10 dynamic color patterns that will drive fish wild.


Storm® Arashi® Spinbait
When fish spy the new Storm® Arashi® Spinbait, they won’t be able to resist it. The lure combines a slow fall, slight shimmy and counter-rotating propellers that create a flash sure to tempt wary, suspended fish that ignore other baits. The plug’s unique 3-2 propeller design (three blades up front, two blades in back) imparts a vibration that anglers easily feel, ensuring an optimal slow retrieve speed that punctuates the lure’s action and helps it stay in the strike zone longer.

The Arashi Spinbait comes in 10 fish-attracting color patterns that are bound to keep the line tight all day.


Terminator® Popping Frog
The bass-lovers on your list won’t know what hit them this holiday season, when they unwrap the new Terminator® Popping Frog. With a cupped face that creates a loud, strong pop, this frog drives fish crazy. The bait features a custom VMC® frog-gap hook, round-rubber legs, a heavy-duty welded line tie and lifelike detail from nose to rear. It’s also tail-weighted to increase casting distance and stability on the retrieve.

The lure is 2 ½ inches long, weighs 9/16 ounces and comes in 16 irresistible color patterns.


MarCum® Recon 5 Systems
This holiday season, surprise your favorite diehard ice angler with a brand new, high-tech, MarCum® 5 system. Small in size, but packed with features, the MarCum® Recon 5 and Recon 5 Plus are bursting with all the technology that keeps MarCum electronics the angler’s first choice.

These underwater viewing systems feature a 1/3” CMOS sensor, darkwater LED or infrared lighting, and a 110-degree field of view to help anglers keep an eye on the action beneath the ice, upping their odds of hooking a trophy walleye, pike or perch.

Recon 5 system cameras, perfect for any scenario, offer three angle settings: straight down, horizontal and looking up.


Rapala® Angler’s Fillet Knives
Expertly crafted by legendary blade manufacturer Marttiini, Rapala® Anger’s Fillets are constructed of European stainless steel, delivering blades that will last a lifetime. Razor-sharp and available in a variety of sizes perfectly suited for any filleting chore, the new Rapala Curved, Straight and Slim Fillet Knives are bound to make carving up the day’s catch quick and easy.

The Curved Fillet Knife is designed for filleting big fish. The knife features a no-flex razor-sharp blade and ergonomic co-molded handle. It comes in two sizes, 10-inch and 12-inch.

SACF_Curved Fillet

Featuring a medium flex, sturdy razor-sharp blade, the Angler’s Straight Fillet is best for precision cuts in tight areas, with fine detail. It’s available in two sizes, 6 ½-inch and 8-inch.

SASTF_Salt Anglers Straight Fillet Knife

A slim, medium-flex blade, the Angler’s Slim Fillet is the ideal choice for working in tight areas, when precision cuts and super fine detail are essential. It’s available in two sizes, 6 ½-inch and 8-inch.

SASF_Salt Anglers Slim Fillet Knife

Rapala® Angler Accessories
Make sure your loved one is fully equipped on the water with the latest and greatest angling accessories from the most trusted name in fishing. Any outdoors lover will be thrilled with new Rapala® Angler’s Pliers, Angler’s Double Leverage Pliers and Angler’s Double Leverage Side Cutters.

Designed to handle any on-the-water challenge, Rapala’s latest tools are made of carbon steel with a nickel-plated finish to provide extra corrosion resistance. They also come equipped with enlarged grips, offering additional comfort.


Rapala® & Respected Rapala Brands Apparel
Outfit the anglers in your life with comfortable and functional apparel from Rapala® and Respected Rapala Brands, to ensure they look and feel great as they haul in their next trophy fish. An excellent fit for outings both on and off the water, choose from T-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats and plenty of other accessories to round out any wardrobe. With overnight shipping (if ordered before 1 p.m. CST), Rapala and Sufix apparel provide the answer to your last-minute shopping needs.


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