The winter holidays bring warm thoughts as family members gather together to celebrate the season, but for saltwater anglers, there’s another thought they can’t get out of their heads — how soon can I get back on the water? This year, warm their hearts, rock the boat and create waves of gratitude by gifting premium saltwater gear from Rapala®, a brand with an 80-year history of making memories in the Great Outdoors. Take a look at the following gift ideas for inspiration for every angler on your holiday list.

Rapala® X-Rap Twitchin’ Mullet
The X-Rap Twitchin’ Mullet and Twitchin’ Minnow are among several exciting offerings in the Rapala® 2017 Coastal category, a lineup of new inshore, near shore and offshore tackle. Featuring a sub-surface, walk-the-dog action, these go-to baits are ideal for shallow-feeding inshore fish.

A slow sink allows anglers to employ a glide-and-drop technique that puts the Twitchin’ Mullet and Twitchin’ Minnow into pockets where big fish wait to ambush prey.

The Mullet measures 3-1/8 inches, weighs 7/16 ounces and comes with two 2/0 VMC® Coastal Black™1X Inline Single Hooks.


Rapala® X-Rap Twitchin’ Minnow
The Minnow is offered in two sizes. Size 10 measures 4 inches, weighs 1/2 ounce and comes with two 2/0 VMC Coastal Black 1X Inline Single Hooks. Size 12 is 4-3/4 inches long, weighs 15/16 ounces and sports two 4/0 VMC Coastal Black 1X Inline Single Hooks.

Featuring translucent bodies and 3D holographic eyes, the Twitchin’ Mullet and the Twitchin’ Minnow are available in 12 colors fish just can’t resist.


Rapala® Skitter V
An exclusive V-Rap® belly design radically alters the action of the newest Rapala® topwater lure, the Skitter V. When used with quick rod snaps to create drastic direction changes, followed by soft, long glides on slack line, it constantly entices topwater strikes.

Like Rapala’s freshwater Skitter Walk® lures, the Skitter V is loaded with a single ball bearing that emits a unique, fish-attracting “clickety-clack” noise.

Designed for both freshwater and inshore game fish species, the Skitter V measures 4 inches, weighs 1/2 ounce and comes armed with two No. 4 VMC® Black Nickel Round Bend Hooks. It’s available in 10 dynamic color patterns that will drive fish wild.


Rapala® X-Rap® Long Cast Series Lures
When coastal fish are timid, anglers can give them some space by throwing a Rapala® X-Rap® Long Cast or X-Rap Long Cast Shallow. Designed to deliver extreme casting distance in even the most demanding conditions, both baits are tough enough to handle an attack by the aggressive saltwater predators they attract.

The X-Rap Long Cast dives 4-to-5 feet, depending on line size and retrieve speed. The lipless X-Rap Long Cast Shallow runs only 1-to-2 feet below the surface, but maintains the same swimming action as the X-Rap Long Cast.

Both the X-Rap Long Cast and X-Rap Long Cast Shallow are available in sizes 12 and 14.  The size 12 measures 4-3/4 inches, weighs 1-1/4 ounces and come with two 3/0 VMC® Tin Finish 4X-Strong In-line Single Hooks. The size 14 measures 5-1/2 inches, weighs 1-7/8 ounces and sports two 5/0 VMC Tin Finish 4X-Strong In-line Single Hooks.

Available 12 distinct color patterns and with 3D holographic eyes, the X-Rap Long Cast series provides lifelike detail that’s hard for fish to resist.


Rapala® Husky Magnum
Rapala’s new Husky Magnum 15 and 25 lures feature a translucent heavy-duty plastic body, an internal scale pattern, flash foil, distinct high-frequency rattle and a slow rise on the pause that combine to create an attraction like no other coastal trolling bait.

The Husky Magnum 15 can be trolled as deep as 15 feet. It measures 5-1/2 inches and weighs 1-1/4 ounces.  The Husky Magnum 25 can be trolled as deep as 25 feet. It measures 6-1/4 inches and weighs 2-3/8 ounces.

Both the Husky Magnum 15 and 25 come armed with two rugged VMC® 4X Perma Steel® Hooks. Each lure comes in 10 irresistible color patterns.

When anglers are trolling for large coastal gamefish like snook, tarpon, mackerel, cobia, grouper and snapper, these saltwater Husky Magnums will prove too tempting for even the most cunning of gamefish.


Williamson® SubSurface Pro
The Williamson® SubSurface Pro is the newest under-the-surface offering to join the popular Popper Pro and Surface Pro series.

Precisely weighted and balanced to flutter horizontally on the fall like a dying baitfish, the SubSurface Pro calls up predatory saltwater species prowling just below the surface. It can be used with a variety of fishing techniques, including slash, rip-and-stop, or classic side-to-side, walk-the-dog action, to entice a variety of pelagic gamefish.

The SubSurface Pro is available in 10 color patterns. It measures 5-1/8 inches (130 millimeters), weighs 2 ounces (57 grams) and comes armed with two Heavy-Duty Inline VMC® Hooks.


Rapala® Angler’s Fillet Knives:
Expertly crafted by Marttiini from European stainless steel, the new Rapala Curved, Straight and Slim Fillet Knives are bound to make carving up the day’s catch quick and easy.

The Curved Fillet Knife is made for filleting and steaking big game fish. The knife features a no-flex razor-sharp blade and ergonomic co-molded handle. It comes in 10-inch and 12-inch sizes.

SACF_Curved Fillet

The Anger’s Straight Fillet Knife features a medium flex, sturdy blade that’s perfect for precision cuts in tight areas, with fine detail. It’s available in 6 ½-inch and 8-inch sizes.

SASTF_Salt Anglers Straight Fillet Knife

The Angler’s Slim Fillet’s medium-flex blade gives the maximum flexibility for working in tight areas, precision cuts and super fine detail. It’s available 6 ½-inch and 8-inch sizes.

SASF_Salt Anglers Slim Fillet Knife

Rapala® and Respected Rapala Brands Apparel  
Outfit the saltwater anglers in your life with comfortable and functional apparel from Rapala® and Respected Rapala Brands to ensure they look and feel great as they haul in their next trophy fish. For outings both on and off the water, choose from T-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats and plenty of other accessories to round out any angler’s wardrobe. All apparel is available with overnight shipping (if ordered before 1 p.m. CST), providing a perfect solution for your last-minute shopping needs.