Make A Splash this Holiday Season with Gifts from Rapala® For the Angler in Your Life

Few brands know what makes fishing fans tick quite like Rapala®, the most trusted name in fishing since 1936. This holiday season, gift your favorite angler the latest gear from Rapala and respected Rapala Brands.

Whether they need to overhaul their angling arsenal or are starting from scratch, the Rapala family of brands can help anyone who loves spending time on the water. From the world’s favorite lures, strongest line, must-have tools and accessories to stylish, durable apparel, Rapala has it all. Check out the gear below for some holiday gifting inspiration.

Rapala® BX® Big Brat
Like a four-wheel drive, Rapala’s new BX® Big Brat square-bill will run over and through practically anything in its mission to bring the biggest bass into your boat.

Introduced this summer, this larger complement to the original BX Brat provides bass-obsessed anglers with a larger option to help catch even bigger fish.

The BX Big Brat measures three-quarters of an inch longer than the No. 6 BX Brat and weighs twice as much, allowing for longer casts, even into the wind. To battle the burliest of bucket-mouths, it comes armed with bigger and beefier No. 3 VMC® treble hooks.

The BX Big Brat features a balsa wood core encased within a brawny hard plastic shell, as do the smaller No. 6 and No. 3 BX Brats. Like all of Rapala’s balsa baits, Brats float up and back out of cover well, minimizing snags. And because it’s bigger than the other Brats, the BX Big Brat is even more buoyant.

BX Big Brats are available in 16 color patterns.

Sufix® Advance® Fluorocarbon
For the past year, Rapala pros have experienced the future of fishing with prototype Advance Fluorocarbon, the most supple, sensitive and strong fluoro line Sufix® has ever engineered. For the rest of us, that future is finally here.

Sufix® Advance® Fluorocarbon’s inherent qualities and exclusive G2 Precision Winding make it virtually memory-free, preventing the dreaded line coils that jump off your reel with most other fluorocarbons. Its increased suppleness is achieved without sacrificing strength or feel, and it features a higher density index than traditional nylon lines, a quality that helps anglers feel bottom and bites better.

Another benefit of higher-density lines, like Advance Fluorocarbon, is that they convey your bait four times faster to the strike zone than old-school nylon line. Additionally, thanks to Advance Fluorocarbon’s virtual invisibility underwater, baits that are best fished on or near the bottom will be an even more enticing treat to fish.

Sufix Advance Fluorocarbon is available in 200-yard and 1,200-yard spools, and in 10 strengths: 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, 12-, 14-, 17-, 20-, 25- and 30-pound test.

Rapala® Hooded Sweatshirts
Just in time for your holiday shopping spree, Rapala introduces the Rapala® Hooded Sweatshirt, a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast looking to stay warm this winter.

A 100-percent polyester-interlaced fleece interior keeps you warm and comfortable without being too heavy. A kangaroo front pouch stores gear and helps keep hands warm at dawn and dusk, in cool breezes and cold fronts. A dye-sublimation Rapala logo broadcasts your passion for fishing with the best baits, tackle and tools available.

The Rapala Hooded Sweatshirt is available in sizes XS through XXXL and in six colorways: black (red logo), gray (red logo), light blue glare (white logo), gray glare (white logo), red (white logo) and heather gray (pink logo).

Rapala® Lip Grip Cull Tag
Made by anglers for anglers, Rapala’s new Lip Grip Cull Tag system will make your time on the water a little easier.

The new six-piece Lip Grip Cull Tag system allows easy management of your tournament catches. Featuring nonpenetrating fish-friendly secure clips, this new culling system permits quick identification of fish to be released for maximum total weight.

Made from heavy-duty composite material, the Lip Grip Cull Tag system features multicolored EVA floats with laser-etched numbers that will not wear off banging around in your livewell. Made with noncorrosive components, these cull tags will not rust or degrade.

Storm® Arashi® Glide Bait
Nothing will make a big bass slobber and strike more than Storm®’s new Arashi® Glide Bait, a 7-½-inch single-joint hard swimbait with a replaceable soft tail. Retailing for half as much, or less, than similar-looking baits, this big-bass bait won’t cost you big bucks.

Swimming with an exaggerated motion that draws in fish from long distances, the Arashi Glide delivers a consistent and stable glide action at both fast and slow retrieve speeds. This is an improvement over similar-looking baits, which often glide effectively only at one retrieve speed.

Designed to sink slowly in a slightly head-down position, the Arashi Glide responds to the slightest line movement. A quick snap of the rod tip will spin it 180 degrees, triggering strikes. The Arashi Glide is extremely stable, allowing anglers to easily create different actions with multiple retrieve methods.

A controlled sink rate – 0.4 feet per second – gives anglers increased control of swimming depth, allowing them to swim the Arashi Glide in the strike zone longer. Arashi Glides are available in nine highly detailed color patterns, each designed to precisely match a regional forage species.

VMC® Bladed Hybrid Treble
We’ve all seen a fish make Mike Iaconelli freak, but soon the tables will be turned. Ike is outfitting his favorite baits with the new VMC® Bladed Hybrid Treble, the tweak that makes fish freak.

The Bladed Hybrid Treble makes your favorite baits extra-flashy. It’s comprised of a small silver willow blade attached by a resin-sealed split ring to the back of a 1X-strong, wide-gap, short-shank, high-carbon steel VMC Hybrid Treble. On the split-ring, the willow-leaf trailer can rotate 360 degrees, so a bait’s built-in action can make it kick out in any direction. Each time it does so, it catches light penetrating the water column.

Adding a small modification like the Bladed Hybrid Treble to your favorite bait can go a long way and produce extra bites. It’s a great addition to any angler’s toolkit. VMC Hybrid Treble hooks are available in four sizes: 2, 4, 6 and 8.

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