Jig A Rapala® Flat Jig To Get Results In Deeper, Faster Water

What’s in a name? In this case, all you need to know: Rapala® Flat Jig. Picturing a Jigging Rap® with a flatter body, but familiar hook and tail profile? Yep, you got it.

Whether fished in open water or through the ice, the Flat Jig’s namesake flat minnow profile creates a responsive, long-gliding searching action in even the most demanding conditions. At 80 percent heavier than a Jigging Rap of similar length, the Flat Jig will produce in even heavy current and very deep water, giving multi-species anglers the world over a great new tool for tough conditions.

Like Jigging Raps, Flat Jigs feature a balanced, weighted minnow profile and swim in a long-gliding wide searching action. Armed with single reversed hooks on the nose and posterior, as well as a center treble hook hung from a belly eyelet, they don’t allow for missed bites.

Long predominant as ice-fishing lures, Jigging Raps in the last few years were proven equally productive as open-water baits after several Rapala professional anglers and others won or placed high with them in tournaments. The Flat Jig builds on that success, allowing the “Jigging Rap technique,” so to speak, to work in deeper, faster-running water and other tough conditions.

When fished through the ice, baits like the Flat Jig work best with a vertical pump-and-swim action. A successful open-water presentation, however, requires aggressive rod snaps throughout a horizontal retrieve. One of the reasons this tactic is so effective is because it creates such erratic action, showing open-water fish something different than a familiar parade of football heads, drop shot worms and deep-running crankbaits.

The 1 ½-inch Flat Jig weighs 9/16-ounce. The 2 ½-inch model weighs 1 3/16-ounces. Both are available in 10 color patterns: Flake Blue; Flake Clown; Flake Gold Olive; Flake Parrot; Flake Silver; Flake Silver Shad; Glow Pearl Blue; Glow Pearl Olive; Holo-Flake Anchovy; Holo-Flake Gold Fluorescent Red.

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