With an 80-year history of creating memories on the water, few brands know what makes fishing fanatics tick quite like Rapala®, the most trusted name in fishing since 1936. This winter, spread holiday cheer to the anglers on your shopping list with the latest gear from Rapala and Respected Rapala Brands.

Whether they need to overhaul their angling arsenal or are starting from scratch, the Rapala family of brands is a virtual one-stop shop for anyone that loves spending time chasing a wall-worthy hawg or legendary lunker.  Offering the world’s favorite lures, strongest line, must-have tools and accessories, and stylish, yet durable apparel, Rapala has it all. Check out the gear showcased below for all the gift-giving inspiration you’ll need this season.

Rapala® Mag Spring Pliers & Precision Line Scissors
Experienced anglers know having the right tools on-hand can make or break a day on the water. This holiday season, thrill your family and friends the latest from Rapala®: The Rapala Mag Spring Pliers and Precision Line Scissors.

Breaking new ground, the new Rapala Mag Spring Pliers utilize an ingenious patent-pending “Mag-Spring” system that keeps pliers open and ready for action, making it easier to use while busy holding a fish or rod. The Mag Spring Pliers comes ready for action with a pivoting, quick-draw sheath with belt loop and clip and a handy lanyard connection.

Traditional scissors just don’t cut it when you are using superlines. Another great stocking-stuffer, the new Rapala Precision Line Scissors excel at cutting and trimming micro super lines, as well as all other traditional fishing lines. Super lines are tough on a pair of scissors, dulling the blades in record time.

A great gift your friends or family will use for years, this pair features German stainless steel blades with premium titanium coating that extends life up to 15 times longer than other models.


Rapala® 50 lb. High Contrast Digital Scale
Ensure friends and family know when they’ve hauled in a record-setting hawg with the new Rapala® 50 lb. High Contrast Digital Scale, the brand’s most groundbreaking scale to date.

Sure to be a memorable gift this season, this cutting-edge digital scale is packed with features that set a new standard and promise make the life of every angler easier.

Its reverse-image LCD illuminated screen makes it easy to read the weight of your catch, even on bright, sunny days. Its intuitive directional pad operation system delivers easy navigation through a variety of menu options — including quick reference for minimum and maximum bin size, as well as total weight.

The 50 lb. High Contrast Digital Scale also comes with a fish-friendly gripper and alternate stainless steel hook for fast, safe weighing.

Rapala® Floating Aerator
While Rapala® is best known as the world’s premier lure-maker, the brand’s expertise doesn’t stop there, especially when it comes to gear that makes anglers lives’ easier. Enter the Rapala Floating Aerator, a compact accessory guaranteed to be a welcome addition on your loved one’s next fishing trip.

Small in size, the Floating Aerator consistently punches above its weight class and offers big-time results. It helps keep bait alive longer by gently mixing air into water, aerating 1.5 liters (0.4 gallons) per minute. Ideal for most bait-storage containers or enclosures, this portable device features a floating, water-activated switch, air-release stone and offers 18 hours of continuous run time. When it’s set to run at 15-minute intervals, it will provide up to 36 hours of run time.

Not only does this gift keep bait kickin’ longer, it also ensures anglers’ dollars will go further at their favorite local bait shop for years to come.

Rapala® Premium Fillet Knives
No serious angler’s gear collection is complete without a premium Rapala fillet knife. Expertly crafted by legendary Finnish blade manufacturer Marttiini, all Rapala fillet knives are constructed of the finest European stainless steel, delivering razor-sharp blades that will last a lifetime. This holiday season, choose from a wide variety of Rapala fillet knives to give the outdoors enthusiasts in your life a gift ready to handle any filleting chore.

From the iconic birch-handled Fish ‘n Fillet®, the knife the taught the world to fillet, to electric and long-lasting battery-powered options, Rapala fillet knives are the No. 1 choice of anglers worldwide and this holiday season’s must-have stocking stuffer.

Visit Rapala.com to browse the brand’s full catalogue of fillet knives, including options specifically designed for niche game species.

New Rapala® RipStop™
This holiday season, surprise your loved ones with a lure unlike any other: the new Rapala® RipStop™, a fast-ripping, hard-stopping bait described as a cross between a hard plastic jerkbait and a soft-body swimbait.

The bait’s never-before-seen rear plastic boot tail sets it apart from the competition. Not only does the boot tail create a hard-rolling, slashing action that mimics the live-minnow movements of a soft plastic swimbait, but it also causes the bait to stop on a dime when paused. The RipStop’s body shimmies as it comes to rest, then slowly rises, a natural motion that indicates an easy meal for hungry predators.

A terror for bass and other popular gamefish, the workhorse RipStop may be fished as a twitch bait, popped and ripped like a jerkbait, or cast and reeled in with a steady or variable-speed retrieve, providing a host of options to elicit heart-pounding strikes in any scenario.

Featuring two-part plastic construction with a non-inserted lip, RipStops weigh 1/4 ounce, cast a mile with far with little effort and dive 3 to 4 feet. The bait measure 3 ½ inches, is available in 14 appetizing color patterns and comes armed with two sticky-sharp VMC® light-wire treble hooks.

Sufix® 832 Advanced Superline®
You don’t have to spend a fortune to help friends and family land lunkers all year long. Now available for the first time in 8 lb. test, Sufix® 832 Advanced Superline® — the strongest, most durable line on the market — is a great gift that will help your favorite angler avoid devastating breakoffs.

Sufix 832 is formulated with eight fibers — seven Dyneema and one GORE® — at 32 pics (weaves) per inch and is the only fishing line to combine both fiber types. Advanced braiding and fiber technology provide the line with superior strength, roundness and line consistency. As versatile as it is strong, Sufix 832 offers improved abrasion resistance, increased casting distance and accuracy, and reduced line vibration with unrivaled sensitivity.

This tried-and-true line comes in six color options, including new Coastal Camo. Originally designed for saltwater applications, Coastal Camo has become a favorite among freshwater anglers thanks to its ability to seamlessly blend in with all types of water clarity and color.

Sufix 832 Advanced Superline is available in tests running from 2 to 80 pounds, and can be purchased in five different spool sizes, ranging from 150 yards to 3,500 yards.

Storm® 360GT Searchbait®
A confidence bait designed to be fished by anglers of all skill levels, the Storm® 360GT Searchbait is the perfect gift for the fishing fanatics on your holiday shopping list.

The lure pairs a minnow-style soft body with a single-ball rattling jig head to deliver incredible, lifelike action at any retrieve speed. And, fishing it couldn’t be easier. Simply tie it on, cast it out and reel it in with a steady retrieve — no added action necessary. The bait’s simple cast-and-retrieve technique makes it easy to efficiently cover water, helping your favorite angler uncover more fish.

The lure is also simple to rig and comes equipped with an exclusive VMC® Coastal Black® hook with an extended “leg” on the line-tie to further enhance its swimming motion.

Storm’s 360GT Searchbait is available in a wide variety of color patterns to “match the hatch” of regional forage species across the United States. Simply put: This one fishes circles around other baits.

Rapala® & Respected Rapala Brands Apparel
Outfit the anglers in your life with comfortable, functional apparel from Rapala® and Respected Rapala Brands, to ensure they look and feel great as they haul in their next trophy fish.

An excellent fit for outings both on and off the water, choose from T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats and plenty of other accessories to round out any wardrobe.

With overnight shipping (if ordered before 1 p.m. CST), Rapala and Respected Rapala Brands apparel provide the answer to your last-minute shopping needs.

Rapala® Fishing Pro Series for PS4 & XBOX One
The most trusted name in fishing is taking the thrill of competitive angling from the water to the digital world just in time for the holidays with the introduction of the brand new Rapala® Fishing: Pro Series video game for XBOX One and PS4.

The perfect substitute for the real thing on days when it’s just not possible to hit the water, Rapala Fishing: Pro Series’ realistic gameplay experience allows players to fish with their favorite Rapala lures, from the iconic Original Floater to the Shad Rap and the bass-slaying DT-Series and more, on real-world fishing hotspots in high-stakes tournaments across the nation.

A great gift to help youngsters embrace their love of sport fishing, Rapala Fishing: Pro Series is a can’t-miss option for outdoors enthusiasts who also like to unwind with a night of gaming.

Stop by your local sporting goods store or visit Rapala.com to purchase can’t-miss holiday gifts. Be sure to check out Rapala on Facebook at Facebook.com/RapalaUSA for special offers, tips and techniques, new product updates and much more.


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