Holiday Gift Ideas for the Angler Who Loves to Catch Anything

There are anglers who eat, breathe and sleep their favorite species, such as bass, walleye, trout and muskies.

And then there are the vast rest of us who find happiness in whatever is tugging on our line, whether it’s a bluegill, a pickerel, a catfish, or a big ol’ bass. In fact, the more different kinds of fish caught in an outing, the better. After all, it’s the spice in life that keeps things interesting.

So, what should you get for an angler who wants fishing action, regardless of what’s biting?

Well, we talked to the Rapala® team of 20+ fishing pros and compiled a short list of proven Rapala and Storm lures and Sufix fishing line that literally will catch anything, anywhere. Whether you love casting, trolling, ripping or jigging, this selection of lures offers the versatility and flexibility to catch whatever the slot machine of fishing will throw your way.

Buy them as individual lures for stocking stuffers or in a bunch and wrap them all together as one gift. If you have a young angler for whom you’re looking for some sure-fire lures that catch anything, these are the perfect choices. All of these lures, as well as Sufix Elite fishing line, are available at your favorite fishing tackle retailer or through

Rattlin’ Rapala® – Size No. 7 in Bluegill
There’s a reason the Rattlin’ Rapala is still around after 30 years – it simply catches fish. Lots of fish. And, any fish – crappies, bluegills, bass, walleyes, northern pike, you name it. It comes down to this: the Rattlin’ Rapala offers the perfect combination between the legendary Rapala wobble and sound, which heightens curiosity in fish and triggers investigation. It’s long-casting, lipless design makes this lure viable anywhere you can fish. Rip it fast or run it slow, either way it sounds like the dinner bell to fish.

Rapala® Rippin’ Rap® – Size No. 5 in Chrome
The Rippin’ Rap features a lipless, deep belly profile designed to crank, swim and rip. With its skinny sides this bait flutters on the drop. Hard vibrating action on fast or slow retrieves accented with a loud, distinctive BB rattle system. Textured scales and gills with deep set 3D holographic eyes. It’s just a super easy lure to fish that’s ready for action.

Rapala® Shad Dancer® – Size No. 5 in Silver
This multi-species balsa bait brings the excitement of the Rapala® Tail Dancer® to a shad profile. Swimming with a silent, aggressive, hard-thumping sweeping tail action. Designed to dive deep whether cast or trolled, this is a great lure for getting down to fish hanging off the bottom.

Storm® WildEye® Swim Shad – Size No. 3 in Pearl
The Wildeye series from Storm is simply a great multi-species lure. This bait can be fished in a variety of conditions and techniques. With neutral buoyancy, a rattle chamber, holographic swimmin’ flash foil and a life-like swimming action, and its unique 3-D holographic WildEye® — this bait does all the work for you. All you have to do is be ready to hang on.

Sufix® Elite® – 8 lb. test, in Clear – 330 Yards
Sufix Elite™ has unbeatable strength and easy handling. It’s the perfect multi-species fishing line – ready for whatever you want to tangle with, from catfish to bass. Superior tensile and knot strength due to Micro Resin Technology. It handles better and casts with ease due to a proprietary extrusion process. G² Precision Winding™ (4-20 lb. test; 330 & 1000 yd. spools only) virtually eliminates line memory.

Holiday Bonus: When ordering through, place your order by midnight on Dec. 9, 2020, to guarantee delivery by Dec. 23, 2020.

See Rapala® Rattlin’ Rapala®

See Rapala® Rippin’ Rap®

See Rapala® Shad Dancer®

See Storm® WildEye® Swim Shad

See Sufix Elite®

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