Don’t launch your boat without Rapala® tools on board

Made by angers for anglers, Rapala® accessories will make your time on the water effortless with just the right tool for the job. So don’t launch your boat without Rapala Stainless Steel Pliers, a Mini Digital Scale, Super Line Scissors, and a Floating Fish Gripper. And mount a Rapala Magnetic Tool Holder on your boat to keep your essential accessories close at hand.

Stainless Steel Pliers
When a school is biting hot and heavy, you’ll really miss your Rapala Stainless Steel Pliers if they’re sitting at home rather than on your casting deck.

“With Rapala pliers in hand, hooks pop right out and you’re right back to making another cast to that school,” says Tom Neustrom, a Freshwater Hall of Fame Legendary Guide. “But leave your pliers at home and you’re going to struggle, especially with removing treble hooks. When the fish are biting, you don’t want to waste time before making another cast.”

Made with soft-grip handles, and a leaf spring, Rapala pliers allow anglers the precision of a surgeon but offer enough backbone to be able to pop a big treble from a toothy mouth. A built-in split-ring tool enables you to switch out hooks in an instant without reaching for a separate tool. Add in a side-cutter, a lure-tuning tool and a split-shot crimper, and you’ve got a perfect tool for multiple fishing situations.
An adjustable hand lanyard keeps them secure. They’re available in 6 ½ and 8 ½ inches.

Rapala Mini Digital Scale
Your rod doubles over as you lay into a fish of a lifetime. When it drops on your deck, your jaw follows.

How big is it?

What, you forgot your scale? Good luck convincing your buddies that fish is as big as you know it is!

Prevent this scenario with a Rapala Mini Digital Scale.

Sized to handle anything from a trophy bluegill to a monstrous lake trout, the Mini Digital Scale is reliable and accurate with weights down to the ounce.

Rapala’s Super Line Scissors
Designed with a sharp, serrated, stainless steel cutting edge and oversized finger and thumb holes, Rapala’s Super Line Scissors grip and hold braided line for easy non-slip cutting.

Floating Fish Grippers
Grab and release fish quickly and safely with Rapala’s new Floating Fish Grippers. A specially engineered locking device allows for easy one-hand operation and a lanyard ensures it won’t fall in the drink. Made from non-corrosive molded HD Plastic, it’s available in 6- and 9-inch models.

Rapala Magnetic Tool Holder
Rapala Magnetic Tool Holders features a durable collar, magnetic backer and screws and high-strength bonding tape for easy installation. Tools must be purchased separately.

“With a Rapala Magnetic Tool Holder mounted on my boat, I never have to worry about finding my tacklebox,” Neustrom says. “My go-to tools are mounted right next where I’m fishing.”

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