Cut, Grip and Extract with Rapala® Performance Tool Combo

It’s almost June which means it is a great time to make a quick and easy upgrade in your tool selection; or plan way ahead as Rapala® has the perfect kit for an upcoming Father’s Day Gift this season.  Whether buying for yourself or planning ahead as a gift, the items in the new tool combo will certainly upgrade the performance needed when handling fish on the water this summer.

For all your cutting, gripping and extraction needs on the water, Rapala’s got you covered with its new Performance Tool Combo. Included are Rapala’s 6-inch Mag Spring Pliers, Precision Line Scissors, and 6-inch Floating Fish Gripper.

6-inch Mag Spring Pliers
There’s no metal spring to rust or break in Rapala’s 6-inch Mag Spring Pliers – magnets hold its jaws open. It’s made from 420 stainless steel with tin-nickel alloy plating.

Precision Line Scissor
Spring-loaded for easy one-hand operation, Rapala’s Precision Line Scissor excels at cutting micro super line and traditional fishing line alike.

6-inch Floating Fish Gripper
Rapala’s 6-inch Floating Fish Gripper securely holds your catch, eliminating injury to both you and the fish. A quick-release mechanism makes it easy to operate.

See Rapala® Performance Tool Combo

See Rapala® Mag Spring Pliers

See Rapala® Precision Line Scissor

See Rapala® Floating Fish Gripper

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