When Fish Get Spooky, Sling Small Baits on Sufix® Nanobraid®

When fish get finicky or spooky, throw small baits on Sufix® Nanobraid®. The super-sensitive micro-braid casts a mile, increases hook-up ratios, works well in the wind and doesn’t require a special knot to tie.

“At the last Forrest Wood Cup, I caught quite a few of my fish throwing a Blue Fox® Vibrax inline spinner,” says Jacob Wheeler, 2012 Forrest Wood Cup Champion and 2015 Bassmaster Classic contender. “I was throwing it on Nanobraid because I could cast that thing twice as far.”

Wheeler’s instincts nearly netted him his second Forrest Wood Cup trophy in four tries. After leading the field the first and third days in the 2015 FLW Tour Championship, the Rapala® pro finished in fourth. He trusts his gut with decisions such as he made to spool up Nanobraid. You should too.

“If the water you’re fishing is so clear those bass can see you and your boat, you probably aren’t going to catch them,” Wheeler says. “But if you can back off to where they can’t see you and you can cast out there in front of them and lead ‘em a little bit, you can catch ‘em. Nanobraid lets you do that.”

Made from 100 percent Dyneema® fibers, Nanobraid boasts a uniform diameter, increased abrasion resistance and superior knot and shock strength. It features an ultra-thin diameter for extreme sensitivity and long casts without sacrificing strength. Wide-angle braiding technology gives it a tight weave, resulting in a super strong, silky-smooth line.

“It’s all about throwing small baits and getting them further distances,” Wheeler says. “I’ve seen it a lot of times that those fish will get keyed on some little, tiny bait. With smallmouth especially, there are times when they really are particular about how big the bait is. A lot of times, throwing little marabou jigs is a big deal.”

It’s easier to throw tiny baits on Nanobraid – and feel bites on it – because it’s ridiculously thin. Ten-pound test Nanobraid measures only 3/500th of an inch in diameter; 2-pound test measures a mere 1/1000th of an inch. That makes for less wind resistance, which makes for better bite detection and a better hook-up ratio.

“When you can throw a lighter jig and still maintain control of it, you land more fish,” Wheeler explains. “Because those fish are able to inhale a lighter bait easier and further back in their mouths. That’s called ‘choking it!’”

When spooky fish reject both moving baits and finesse baits presented traditionally, “circle back after giving them about 30 minutes or so to set back up and forget about ‘ya,” Wheeler says. “Once they forget about ‘ya and you get that Nanobraid out there and really get a good cast with those smaller baits, you’ll get those fish to bite when you can’t get them to bite anything else.”

Casting into the wind with a traditional braided line often creates a huge arc that makes it all but impossible to feel your bait and detect bites. But Nanobraid’s much smaller diameter creates much less wind resistance, allowing a much tighter line between your rod tip and your bait.

Nanobraid comes in Sufix’s “Aqua Camo” and Low-Vis Green colors, on 150-yard spools. Attach it to a fluorocarbon leader with a uni-to-unit knot. “No special knots are required for this Nano technology,” Wheeler says.

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