Using a DT®-8 for Summertime Crankbait Action

Summer is now in full swing throughout North America. The days are growing longer and warmer, and water temperatures are rising. And that means only one thing: It’s bass time!

But, as the temperatures rise, bass like to head a little deeper. From the shoreline, they move out into the weed beds, where they can ambush bait fish. They gravitate toward rock piles and points, and roam long flats in search of minnows and crayfish.

As you scan your electronics, you can see the bass clumped up. But getting down to them – that’s the tricky part. Especially when it involves getting your lure to the exact depth – and keeping it there, where the bass are.

What’s a bass angler to do?

In a new video by Al and James Lindner, the answer of course, is the Rapala DT-8 (Dives-To Series).

When it comes to summertime crankbait fishing, there is no lure that will relieve the summertime blues than the DT-8®.

“The whole DT® Series is one of the most productive crankbaits to come along in the history of the sport for largemouth bass and smallmouth bass,” said legendary angler Al Lindner. “It’s really a killer bait. Fish love them and boy do these lures hook ‘em.”

Lindner points to the DT-8’s extra thin lip, its ability to be cast a long distance, its internal rattle chamber, its vibrating action, and the fact that it is made from balsa, which allows it to float up on the pause for reaction bites – all of which contribute to why every bass angler needs to tie one on in the thick of the summer.

In addition, the DT-8 comes in 39 color patterns to cover nearly any type of fishing situation.

But the most important thing to remember about the DT-8 or any of the DT Series (DT-4, DT-6, DT-10, DT-14 or DT-16), is that these lures were designed to stay in the designated strike zone. So if bass are hovering along the deep weed edges at 8 feet – the DT-8 gets down to that level fast, and stays there.

That’s the secret of the DT Series — keep the lure where the fish are! Which means you will be having more than your fair share of summertime fun.

In the meantime, check out the new DT-8 video by Al and James Lindner and let them show you how it’s done.

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