No Debate About It, Swinging Rugby Jig Is The Next Big Thing

You’ll get no argument from us, VMC®’s new Swinging Rugby Jig is the next big thing. We’re not sure, however, if Mike Iaconelli has made up his mind .. er, minds?

In VMC newest commercial featuring Iaconelli, the colorful bass pro reunites with his comical alter-ego, Ike’s Head, a wise-cracking, disembodied twin head that lives in a tackle bag. In this installment of the commercial series, Iaconelli and Ike’s Head almost get into a scrum debating who’s more of an expert on VMC’s new Swinging Rugby Jig.

“Instead of being fused to the hook and static, the Swinging Rugby Jig’s head is attached to the hook eye by what looks like, essentially, a second line tie,” Ike explains. “That creates a hinge effect that allows my bait to swing and bounce and carom erratically as I drag, hop or twitch it around cover, be it rocks, docks, weeds or wood.”

Looking like a cross between a traditional round-ball-head jig and a football-head jig, the Swinging Rugby Jig’s head features a recessed line tie, which helps it come through cover much better than other jigs.

“A major problem with normal jig heads is you’ve got a line tie that sticks out and catches weeds, and your knot’s not protected,” Ike explains.

Swinging Rugby Jigs are available in black, brown and green-pumpkin, in five sizes, each of which come two per pack: 1/4 ounce (3/0 hook); 5/16 ounce (4/0 hook); 3/8 ounce (4/0 hook); 1/2 ounce (5/0 hook) and 3/4 ounce. (5/0 hook).

What about that extra-long Z-Bend hook that Ike’s head mentioned?

“It ensures that soft plastics rigged on a Swinging Rugby Jig won’t hinder its unique action,” Ike explains.


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