VMC® Redline Series® Hooks Help Walters Claim Victory and Smash Heaviest Smallmouth Bag Record

Patrick Walters, who struggled with smallmouths early in his juggernaut of a professional fishing career, set a seemingly unassailable record in the final Bassmaster Elite Series tournament of the season. He weighed in four consecutive limits of New York bronze totaling 105 pounds, a remarkable average of 5 ¼ pounds per St. Lawrence River bass. Continue reading



Al and Troy Lindner Tackle Canada’s Donkey-Size Walleye with the Rapala® Jigging Shadow Rap®

“That’s a donkey!” For pro angler Al Lindner and his son, Troy Lindner, catching monster Canadian walleye is all about finding the sweet spots. It’s about delving into deep waters in mid-summer – going to the far reaches of a lake, or maybe smack in the middle of it to explore a lake’s mid-lake humps where walleye can’t resist hanging out. Continue reading



The Delivery Series Season 5 Part 2: Rapala® Twitchin’ Mullet Hooks Killer Catches Off Florida’s Atlantic Coast

In a new video in Rapala’s The Delivery video series, Captain Bobby Richter strolls into the front doors of Strike-Zone Fishing’s Melbourne store, ready for a busy day of work. But, when a mysterious package arrives at the shop, he realizes his day will be action-packed in a much different way than he thought. Continue reading



The Delivery Series Season 5 Part 1: Massive Schoolies Pummel Rapala® Twitchin’ Mullet in Cape Cod

In a new video in Rapala’s The Delivery series, outdoor videographer and angler Matt Rissell is routinely assessing the rewards of his lobster cage when he notices that he pulled something peculiar out of the water. Continue reading



Wheeler Feasts at St. Clair with CrushCity™ Ned BLT™

Jacob Wheeler can do a lot of things on the water exceptionally well, but keeping secrets isn’t one of them. Shortly after prematurely revealing the CrushCity Freeloader to the fishing world via a victory at Alabama’s Lake Guntersville, he once again spilled the beans on a yet-to-be-released bait – the CrushCity™ Ned BLT™ – via a third-place finish in a Bass Pro Tour tournament on Lake St. Clair. From the far south to the far north, he’s quickly and efficiently spreading the word about Rapala’s new soft plastics. Continue reading