As Father’s Day approaches, it’s time to celebrate the dear ol’ dad — the man who taught you how to ride a bike, throw a wicked curveball and showed you the finer points of driving stick — with a thoughtful git that perfectly fits his one-of-a-kind personality.

While no two dads are exactly alike, most will jump at the chance to enjoy a relaxing, yet action-packed day on the water with friends and family enjoying a classic fatherly pastime: Fishing.

Whether he’s a longtime angler or searching for his next hobby, Rapala & Respected Rapala Brands offer a nearly endless selection of best-in-class lures, line and accessories to help you find the perfect gift for Father’s Day. Check out the following gift suggestions from the most trusted name in fishing to help you narrow in on the right option for whatever type of dad you’re shopping for:

For Dads That Love Family Tradition
Consider gifting him the Original Floating® Rapala®. the world’s No. 1 go-to lure. A time tested bait used by anglers around the globe, the Original Floating is found in more tackle boxes than any other bait — and for good reason. A direct descendent of the first lure Lauri Rapala carved by hand in 1936, the bait’s iconic lifelike profile and wounded minnow action has proven irrestible to trophy fish for decades. And. it’s as versatile as it is effective. The Original Floating Rapala can be rigged to reach any depth, helping Dad pinpoint fish no matter where they lurk in the water column

Pair the most revered lure on the market with the legendary Rapala Fish ‘n Fillet® Knife for a combo gift that will help dad carry on an angling tradition kickstarted by Lauri Rapala himself. Used on more charter boats and in more fish camps than any other knife, the Fish ‘n Fillet boasts a razor-sharp stainless steel bland and comfortable birch handle. Not only will this gift make it easy for dad to enjoy a delicious shore launch after a day on the water, but it’s also built to last, making it a gift he can pass down to the next generation.

For Dads Looking for a New Hobby
If the dad in your life is spending too much time indoors or simply needs  a new hobby, the Storm® 360GT Searchbait® is the perfect gift to help him fall in love with a lifelong pastime he’ll enjoy well into retirement. The ultimate confidence lure, this bait is designed to be fished anywhere by anglers of all skill levels. Simply cast it out and reel in with a steady retrieve for consistent strikes and hours of on-the-water excitement. The 360GT is also easy to rig and comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors, ensuring pops can hone in on the the right presentation to mimic common forage found in his local honey hole and catch fish after fish.

For the Dad with a Competitive Streak
Using the Rapala DT® Series and Storm Arashi® Vibe, Rapala pro angler Ott DeFoe took home the trophy at this year’s Bassmaster Classic. If your dad loves the feeling of a bass slamming his lure and is the type who always wants to have the highest fish-count at the end of the day, look no further for two can’t-miss Father’s Day gifts.

The Rapala DT (Dives-To) series of crankbaits dives fast to preset depths thanks to the lure’s quick-diving lip. It stays in the “strike zone” longer than any other crankbait on the market and swims with an attention-grabbing side-to-side action only premium balsa can achieve. If dad would love the nickname “Bass Slayer,” this is the lure for him.

The Storm Arashi Vibe, a dynamic lipless crankbait, is designed to thrive in conditions when the bite is hard to come by. Its unique design generates a subtle vibration and enticing sound at incredibly slow speeds and can be fished with a steady retrieve or with a simple lift-fall technique. The lure is another bass-bustin’ option Dad will tie on time and time again and is armed with premium VMC Black Nickel Treble Hooks and rotated hook hangers deliver a consistent swimming action and increased hook-up rate.

For Dads Who Like a Challenge
Dad favors heart-pumping excitement on the water, give him some big and bad lures designed for hunting elusive species such as the monstrous muskie and pike. One great option is the Blue Fox® Vibrax® Super Bou Spinnerbait. The Super Bou has long been a favorite among avid anglers that get their kicks by netting some serious lunkers. The secret to the bait’s undeniable allure are its Twin Colorado blades and a combination of Marabou, Hackle & Flashabou fibers that pair to create a hard-thumping action with no shortage of high vibration and flash, ensuring massive fish both near and far will take notice. The large profile emulates a mature baitfish, fitting into the age-old wisdom that big lures catch big fish.

Rapala’s new Super Shadow Rap® is a recent addition to the instant-classic Shadow Rap lineup and is perfectly suited for catching aggrssive predators like pike, musky and more. The bait’s groundbreaking action mimics the movements of a dying baitfish by kicking hard side to side then slowly sinking. All dad has to do to achieve this impressive presenation is simply, snap his rod quickly to bring it to life before letting it fade. A triple threat, this easy-to-fish lure triggers bites on the kick, during the fade and when it is snapped back to life.

For Dads Who Love Gadgets
Dad’s are notorious for their love of gadgets and the latest technology. Luckily, the engineering masterminds at MarCum Technologies have two cutting-edge underwater viewing systems sure to wow the old man this Father’s Day. The new MarCum® Quest HD Viewing System allows anglers to explore underwater in razor sharp high-definition, making it easier than ever to locate and hook your limit. The Quest HD features a full 1080p camera paired with MarCum’s exclusive relative direction, depth and temperature readings to provide unmatched underwater intellegince. Boasting the brightest screen MarCum has ever produced and 75 feet of cable, the Quest HD will give dad a high-tech advantage over other anglers.

Another excellent option is the MarCum Mission SD, the Quest HD’s younger brother. Also packed with best-in-class tech, including MarCum’s exclusive relative direction, depth and temperature readings. The Mission SD is sure to be a show-stopper with all the bells and whistles at an entry-level pricepoint.

Still Not Sure?
You can’t go wrong with Rapala and Respected Rapala Brands Apparel. Help Dad catch his next trophy fish in style with new Rapala & Respected Rapala Brands threads that offer comfort, style and functionality. Choose from a wide range of items including hats, T-shirts, long-sleeve shirts and sweatshirts, all designed to help him rock his look, whether on or off the water. A brand new apparel item sure to round out Dad’s wardrobe is the Rapala® Fleece Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt. This stylish moisture-wicking fleece works well wherever pop’s big day might take him. Designed with 100% polyester fleece for just the right amount of stretch, this hoody’s features ensure it will become a fast favorite. With overnight shipping available (if ordered before 1 p.m. CDT), you can have these gifts in-hand in no time.

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