What Will Santa Bass Bring Your Favorite Angler?

Was your favorite angler a good angler this past year? Did they cry? Did they pout?

Santa Bass is coming to town and he’s been checking his list twice. He sees all the times when an angler acted with kindness at the boat landing as well as those anglers who cut off another angler at a good fishing spot.

If your favorite angler isn’t on Santa Bass’s naughty list and deserves lots of gifts this year, Then Rapala® will bring you 12 great ideas to put under the tree this year over the next couple weeks.   Here are Gifts 1, 2 and 3!

1. Hot Bass Fishing Lure — One of the hottest new lures for 2021 is Rapala’s new balsa-wood flat-sided crankbait, the OG Slim 6, designed by 2019 Bassmaster Classic Champion Ott DeFoe. The OG Slim 6 is a non-rattling, easy-casting crankbait that swims with a medium wobble and tight side-to-side action. The lure dives to six feet when fished on 12-pound test line – hence the “6” in its name. It’s perfect for those who love bass fishing.

2. 7″ Elite Pliers – When an angler catches a big fish and is dealing with big hooks, they need pliers to quickly and safely release a fish. New high-performance Elite Pliers by Rapala are armored in Cerakote, a lightweight coating that protects against abrasion, corrosion and ultra-violet light from the sun. The new 7-inch pliers include a unique, patented “Mag Spring,” which keeps the pliers’ hybrid jaws open and ready. Flip the switch and “Mag Lock” tightly secures the jaws for safe storage. The hybrid jaws feature interlocking front teeth, to ensure a lock-tight clasp on hooks.

3. 50-lb. High Contrast Digital Scale –  It’s not easy to decide what feature you will like the best with the Rapala 50-lb. High Contrast Digital Scale. The reverse image LCD illuminated screen makes reading the light text on dark background easy, even on bright, sunny days. The directional pad operation offers familiar and intuitive navigation through the menu options. Quick reference for min. and max. bin & total weight. Packed with “must-have” features and a fish friendly gripper to secure your catch. Runs on 2 AAA batteries (not included).

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