VMC® Teams Up with Ice Fishing Guru Tony Roach on New Rattling Roach Spoon

When it’s time to get serious about your ice fishing, turn to what the pros use. VMC® is proud to partner with ice fishing guru and professional guide Tony Roach to introduce the new Rattling Roach Spoon.

The Rattling Roach Spoon features an intense fluttering action combined with an exposed rattle chamber to deliver maximum sound vibrations. Combine that with 16 eye-popping colors, a marabou teaser tail and a holographic eye, and you’ve got a bait that walleye, jumbo perch, crappie, lake trout, northern pike and a number of other species cannot deny. This lure screams “Dinner Time!”

In the same way that Rapala® worked with elite bass fishing pros Jacob Wheeler on its new CrushCity soft baits, and with Ott Defoe on the Ott’s Garage crankbaits, VMC connected with Tony Roach to work on the Rattling Roach Spoon. VMC leaned on Roach’s experience as a heavily booked, multi-species, all-season guide on Minnesota’s Mille Lacs Lake to develop its new killer bait.

“VMC has been coming out with a lot of super-innovative ideas and tackle — really cutting-edge stuff for ice fishing,” said Roach, a longtime Rapala VMC pro.

To give hardwater anglers an additional edge, 14 of the 16 the Rattling Roach Spoon finishes feature an Ultra Glow finish and three feature a UV Bright finish. Ultra Glow colors give off a glowing effect that lasts for 15 minutes in dark water – all to make sure this lure is seen by fish.

Available in four sizes, including 1/32 oz. (1 in.), 1/16 oz. (1-1/4 in.), 1/8 oz. (1-5/8 in.), and 3/16 oz. (2 in.), each Rattling Roach Spoon features a super sharp VMC treble hook that spells trouble for even light biters.

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