VMC® Perfects Wacky and Neko™ Rigging with the New Crossover Rings™ and Pliers™

VMC’s innovative new Crossover system maximizes efficiency for rigging soft plastics and worms on VMC® hooks to catch and land big bass.

The system comprises patent-pending Crossover Rings, which feature a dual-channel hood for easy Neko™ or Wacky rigging, and pliers specially designed to quickly insert soft-plastic worms into the rings.

“That new Crossover Pliers™ is freakin’ sweet!” said Rapala Pro Jacob Wheeler. “It’s a really cool deal. You want to throw a Neko Rig, or you want to throw a Wacky Worm, you can swap it right there and you’re ready to roll.”

Wheeler has dominated professional bass fishing in the last two years, having won six top-level events in Major League Fishing, Bass Pro Tour and FLW competitions.

The Crossover Rings™ are available in three colors (black, clear and green pumpkin) and five sizes (4, 5, 6, 7, 8mm). They come 10 per pack.

Made of lightweight, durable plastic, Crossover Pliers come with built-in compartments within the handles to store and organize Crossover Rings. Each pair of pliers comes with four 6 mm Crossover Rings

To rig a soft-plastic worm with the Crossover system, first slide a Crossover Ring over the Crossover Pliers’ closed jaws. Compress the handles to open the jaws, stretching the Crossover Ring.

Then, insert and position your worm into the Crossover Ring. Slowly close the pliers’ jaws by releasing tension to the handle while stabilizing the Crossover Rings position. Finally, holding one end of the worm, pull the pliers away from the rig.

And within minutes, you’re ready to catch the big one.

See VMC® Crossover Ring™

See VMC® Crossover Pliers™

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