Tom Boley Teams Up with Sufix® Lead Core Line and Rapala® Tail Dancers to Hammer Super Chunky Mille Lacs Walleye

It’s late summer and the walleye are deep – 24 to 30 feet deep – on a crystal clear lake, and the wind is blowing good. Like really good.

So much for vertical fishing. Now what?

In his new YouTube video, “Catching Tons of Walleye with this Super Effective Technique,” Tom Boley crosses the border to Minnesota’s legendary Lake Mille Lacs walleye factory in early August with his good buddy Captain Cody to demonstrate the effectiveness of using lead core fishing line while long-line trolling for walleye.

Teaming up with Sufix® Advanced 832 Lead Core and Rapala® Deep Tail Dancer® and Shad Dancer® lures, Boley and Cody hammer walleye after walleye as they try to keep their balance amid 1 to 2 foot swells, or “walleye chop” as they say in Minnesota. And those are chunky walleye, too, by the way, averaging 22-24 inches long with healthy bellies.

“Using lead core line and crankbaits in mid-summer to early fall is an incredibly effective way to target walleye located on deep transition areas and deep structure,” said Boley.

With overcast skies, the pair combed a massive amount of area on Mille Lacs, gradually trolling a 3-mile long stretch, ticking the bottom and/or fishing just a foot or two off the bottom. Using baitcast reels equipped with line counters allowed Boley and Cody to know precisely where their lures are at any time, and to adjust their presentation to exactly where fish are within the water column.

“We’re hunting the walleye column,” said Boley, who was using 18 lb. test Sufix 832 Advanced Lead Core. “It’s the best lead core line out there, and it’s really easy to use.”

So the next time the wind puts a damper on your vertical fishing plans, take it on the advice of premier fishing guide Tom Boley and get the lead out with some Rapala Tail Dancers, Shad Dancers and Shad Raps.

Sufix® Advanced 832 Lead Core

Rapala® Deep Tail Dancer®

Rapala® Shad Dancer®

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