The Search for Walleye

The next short film in the Rapala “Search” series to highlight sought after fish species from around the planet. In the wild beautiful waters of North America lies a golden obsession, walleye. Like the metal that shares its colour, they’re a fish that’s appreciated by every angler.

Whether trophy or table fare, they capture the imagination of anglers. We’re always in search of not only the fish, but of new ways to catch them. Whether it is through the ice, in the shallows, on drop-offs, rock piles or suspended in the depths. Walleye always have one thing in common, they are not easily fooled. While other fish are celebrated for their aggression, what makes walleye so special might be the opposite. They’re picky eaters. Only interested in one thing at a time and only if it is presented exactly the way they like it.

So whether casting, trolling, jigging or bottom bouncing, the same rules always apply. Make your offering look right, move right and put it in the right spot. Only then will the professor of the deeps give you the feeling you’ve been after all along. Tap… tap… SET! And enjoy because as you play the fish, you’ll already be thinking about the next one in the endless search for walleye.

Fishing, it’s a way of life. When we’re not on the water, we dream of being there. The pursuit is individual, yet we share a common bond.

The search is for more than just fish. For family, friends, traditions and tranquility. Day after day, we find what we are looking for, yet the search continues. It is part of who we are, we are fishermen. We have been since we were young and will be until we can do no more. The search is endless, there will always be time for one… more… cast.

For over 80 years we’ve aspired to be the best and you’ve supported us the entire way. We dedicate this to those who love the outdoors and pass on the tradition of fishing.

Where there is water, there are fish. Where there are fish, there is, and forever will be, Rapala. We are here, WE ARE FISHING!

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