The Search for Pike

The coil. Then the flash. Within an instant, you’re in for a fight you won’t soon forget. And at the other end, a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth to greet you.

Growing to beastly sizes, even the little ones need to be respected for their ability to draw blood – yours. Consider it payback.

Rapala’s video, The Search for Pike, pays homage to a fish that so many love…and so many hate. And regardless of what you think about pike, there’s no argument that when they get big, it’s a battle that will be etched into your memory for a very long time.

Dragons, gators, water wolves…whatever your pet name for these fish, they are vicious predators from their green-yellow tails to their snapping mouths. If you dare to cross paths with them, don’t bother to bring just any lure. Bring your best to the battle. A Rapala®.

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