The Husky Jerk® Legend Continues to Grow with Five New Color Patterns

Introduced more than 20 years ago, the Husky Jerk legend continues to grow year after year based on its incredible ability as a multispecies bait that puts fish in the boat. To continue building on its well-deserved reputation, Rapala is introducing five new color patterns that will surely add to its legendary status.

While originally introduced as a cool-water bait, multispecies anglers have found success with the Husky Jerk throughout the year, from trolling it over walleye flats to ripping it over the top of weeds for bass, pike and muskies.

With five new color patterns, fans of the Husky Jerk will have even more options to fuel more headshaking strikes.

Black Wonder Bread – White-silver back and belly, black head and throat, yellow-and-black eyes, white-silver sides printed with three large, day-glow spots in the colors of chartreuse, cotton-candy pink and sky-blue.

Headspin – Chartreuse back, pink belly, pink head, yellow-and-black eyes, and chartreuse sides with eight vertical, black stripes.

Juicy Lucy – Metallic gold body, red head and throat, yellow-and-black eyes, metallic gold body with three vertical yellow stripes.

Moldy Fruit – Yellow back, pink belly, purple face, and pearl-white sides with five vertical white stripes.

Voodoo Haze – Metallic grape-gum purple back, metallic cotton-candy pink belly, metallic grape-gum purple head and throat, yellow-and-black eyes, chrome sides with three large chartreuse stripes.

Husky Jerks swim with less side-to-side movement than many other jerkbaits, with a bit tighter, more natural, deliberate wobble. Hand-tuned, tank tested and perfectly balanced, Husky Jerk lures run true at even high trolling and retrieving speeds. They include an internal rattle chamber that transmits sound waves as they swim and skitter, giving fish another way to find them. On the pause, the suspend with neutral buoyancy.

With the addition of the five new freaky color patterns, Husky Jerks are available in a total of 29 color patterns. They come in five sizes, from as short as 2-½ inches to as long as 5-½ inches. Each model features super-sharp VMC black-nickel treble hooks.

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