The Delivery Series Season 5 Part 2: Rapala® Twitchin’ Mullet Hooks Killer Catches Off Florida’s Atlantic Coast

In a new video in Rapala’s The Delivery video series, Captain Bobby Richter strolls into the front doors of Strike-Zone Fishing’s Melbourne store, ready for a busy day of work. But, when a mysterious package arrives at the shop, he realizes his day will be action-packed in a much different way than he thought.

That’s because, when Richter, who runs Polar Express Charters, opens the package, he discovers a brand-spankin’ new X-Rap® Twitchin’ Mullet – all shiny and begging to be used. This lure’s subtle, relaxed side-to-side action is designed to perform a wide twitching walk-the-dog swimming action. Extreme flash with X-Rap® attitude triggers the attack instinct in fish. It’s slow sinking buoyancy allows a glide and drop technique that lands the Twitchin’ Mullet into pockets where big fish love to ambush their prey.

For Richter, the arrival of this special package means there is no way he’s staying in the shop today – he’s gotta try this baby out. Like now!

So, he grabs a right-hand man, and heads out through the Sebastian Inlet to open water. And not two seconds into his first cast against Florida’s shimmering turquoise waters, Richter feels the bite. He reels in his first catch – a thrashing Jack Crevalle – with his face set like a kid in a candy store. Sweet.

After a few casts, grey clouds tumble over the coast, revealing a deep indigo ocean. This change in the weather only entices Richter further. From there, the pair experience hours of non-stop action. Watching Jack after Jack slap the top of the water and feeling their arm muscles strain and burn with every pull, these two sure got the most out of their day off.

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