The Delivery Series (Season 3, Part 3) Wraps up with Giant Indian River Snook and Grouper.

Where the Sebastian River and the Indian River meet at Sebastian Florida, there’s sure to be some action. And that’s exactly where The Delivery headed next for episode 3 of its third series.

Awaiting his delivery was Captain Peter Deeks, who operates Native Sons Fishing Charters out of Merritt Island, Florida, where he focuses on world-class snook, redfish, sea trout, and tarpon.

Not one to follow the crowd, Capt. Pete took the Rapala® X-Rap® Magnum out for a ride at night. Casting the X-Rap Magnum, Capt. Pete drives the lure toward the bottom in search of big snook and grouper swimming in the strong currents of the Sebastian Inlet.

“There’s nothing more exciting than feeling a fish hit it,” said Deeks. “These big X-Rap Magnums are down on the bottom, your line’s tight, you’re reeling hard, and then you feel that thump and it is exciting!”

The intent of The Delivery is to show how versatile one lure can be. And the X-Rap Magnum, delivers again and again.

In its third series, The Delivery, travels to Florida and Louisiana where three highly distinguished inshore and offshore saltwater fishing guides put the X-Rap Magnum to the test on some very toothy creatures. In the premiere season of The Delivery, which debuted last year, the video series zeroed-in on the ability of the Rapala Skitter Walk. In the second series of The Delivery, three different saltwater captains took delivery of the Rapala X-Rap Long Cast Shallow.

In series 3, The Delivery also traveled to Marathon, a small town along the Florida Keys where Captain Michael Schofield of All Keys Charters, put the X-Rap to the test on some toothy barracuda, and to Boothville-Venice, Louisiana, where Capt. Michael Frenette of the legendary Redfish Lodge of Louisiana, put the X-Rap through its paces on some kingfish and tuna.

The Rapala X-Rap Magnum lures run perfectly right out of the box with an enticing wobbling, side-to-side action that drives fish mad. The lure’s off-kilter swimming motion creates a steady vibration fish pick up on with their lateral lines, a system of sense organs fish use to track prey.

So the question is: If the X-Rap Magnum can catch a variety of saltwater species in three different locations, could it catch some biggins where you’re at? If you harbored any doubts, The Delivery demonstrates how the X-Rap Magnum – as well as other Rapala lures – deliver.

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