New Delivery Series Season 2 Travels to Cape Cod Massachusetts

The Delivery: Three Locations. Three Anglers. One Lure.  New Video Series from Rapala® Explores the Fish-Catching Power of the Rapala® X-Rap® Long Cast Shallow.

Rapala lures are known as fish-catching machines. Take them anywhere – and we mean anywhere in the world – and the magic of these lures becomes bluntly evident. Hundreds of different species have succumbed to the lure of the Rapala. And there are hundreds of world records to prove it.

But let’s say you’re still a tad skeptical about the fish-catching power of the Rapala.

Well, for you, we have The Delivery, a three-part video series from Rapala, which focuses on one lure from the Rapala line-up and its ability to catch multiple species of fish.

Not just from one body of water. Naw. That’d be too easy. We’re talking about three highly skilled anglers fishing in three different parts of the U.S. – Massachusetts’ Cape Cod, South Carolina’s Low Country and California’s Catalina Island.

You can almost imagine the possibilities.

In the premiere season of The Delivery, which debuted last year, the video series zeroed in on the ability of the Rapala Skitter Walk. Season 2 of The Delivery features three episodes in which a different saltwater captain takes delivery of the Rapala X-Rap Long Cast Shallow and puts it to the test in their home waters.

The X-Rap Long Cast Shallow is a shallow-running model designed for extreme casting distances in the most demanding conditions. Built heavy and tough with super strong VMC® single hooks, the X-Rap Long Cast Shallow is the perfect solution for aggressive saltwater predators. It can be fished with a fast, steady retrieve for a snaking, wobbling action with minimal resistance or, it can be jerked to walk-the-dog just under the surface with the legendary X-Rap® Slashbait® action.

The first episode in the new season of The Delivery travels to Massachusetts’ Cape Cod. More specifically, the famed waters off of Martha’s Vineyard where we meet up with legendary fishing guide and Martha’s Vineyard local Captain Joe Rogers, and his wife Phoenix Rogers, who has earned a growing reputation for her fishing obsession outside of her wampum jewelry- making business.

Joined by their friend Tim, the couple cruise the shallows in search of striped bass and sea bass, where the X-Rap Long Cast Shallow doesn’t disappoint. Then, spotting breaking water, the couple put their Rapala lures to the test by hooking into albacore tuna.

“The Rapala X-Rap Long Cast Shallow is perfect for this situation,” said Joe Rogers. “You don’t want to run up and get too close to a school of fish.”

Albacore tuna are highly prized in these parts. Cape Cod anglers only have a short window, from late August to November, to take advantage of schooling albacore.

“It’s a full-on fishing experience,” said Rogers. “They fight hard.”

“These Rapala lures have been really exciting to use,” Rogers added. “They absolutely have the stamp of approval on our Cape Cod waters.”

But, don’t take our word for it. Tune in to The Delivery, available for your viewing pleasure now.

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