The Delivery Series 4 Episode 2: Rapala® Xplode® Lands in San Diego, Pulls Huge Bluefin Tuna

Wouldn’t we all like to open our front door one day to an unexpected package and open it to find not only a brand-new fishing lure but one of the best in the game? Well, that’s exactly what happened to Captain Brandon Nelson on his doorstep in San Diego, California, in a new episode of The Delivery.

In this new video series by Rapala, three renowned anglers from different parts of the world put the same lure, the Rapala® Xplode®, to the test.

Situated in a worldwide hub of big bluefin tuna sportfishing, accomplished tournament Captain Brandon Nelson, nicknamed ‘Lucky B’ after consistently reeling in a “boatload” of fish enough times to make it astonishing, has spent more of his life on the water than he has on land. (More than 10,000 hours, to be exact.) His self-described “obsession” with boating, fishing, and all things maritime activities is what drives him every day as a saltwater captain and fishing guide in southern California.

In the second episode of series 4, Nelson transcends the challenges of trophy fishing in the Pacific Ocean time and time again, setting the scene for monstrous and spirited bluefin to expose their vibrant coloring against the cool blue of the Pacific waves.

“About five or six years ago we started to see this resurgence of bluefin. Prior to that, we had bluefin but not in the numbers or size that we currently do,” said Captain Nelson. “We were very fortunate for this last period of time to be able to target this fish. It has kind of put San Diego back on the map for the last couple of years to have this centerfold of big bluefin in our backyard.”

“Who knows how long they’re going to make this migration pattern through our waters,” the Captain continued. “But we are going to fish for them, and when they go away, we are still going fish.”

Unsure of how long these beautiful fish will stay in the region, Nelson is determined to spend as much time on the water with them as possible – with the Rapala Xplode helping him do it.

The X-Rap® Magnum Xplode® was designed with a thick-walled ABS body, through wire construction and extreme-duty VMC hooks to withstand and conquer the most vicious of strikes. This topwater lure features a custom, low-position line tie that pulls the lure downward when retrieved while the deep-cupped face creates a monumental surface explosion with each sweep.

While there are many options to fish for bluefin, fishing for bluefin on the surface with an Xplode lure is a pure adrenaline rush.

Imagine what an Xplode could do where you live? Gotcha thinking?

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