The Delivery Series 4 Episode 1: Catchin’ Beauties with the X-Rap Xplode® in Panama

Panama. Southern California. Costa Rica. Though hundreds of miles apart, these three locations are home to some of the planet’s most incredible fisheries. So what would happen if the exact lure was delivered to the doorsteps of top anglers in each location. What could possibly happen?

Back for its fourth series, The Delivery travels to Panama, San Diego and Costa Rica, where three expert inshore and offshore saltwater anglers put the X-Rap® Magnum Xplode® to the test on toothy fish in their waters.

In the previous season of The Delivery, the video series delivered the X-Rap® Magnum® to the doorsteps of three highly distinguished saltwater fishing guides in Florida and Louisiana.

In the first episode of series four, the X-Rap® Magnum Xplode® lands in the mailbox of outdoor photographer and revered angler Hannes Ribbner. This photographer’s interdisciplinary skillset has fine-tuned his naturally keen eye to anticipate the precise behaviors of marlin, sailfish, dorado and yellowfin tuna so that he is ready to capture the precise moment that a trophy catch makes its triumphant leap out of the choppy water.

To say this Swedish native is familiar with the lush greenery and iridescent waves of Piñas Bay, Panama is an understatement – especially when it comes to what lies underneath. In his photographs, you don’t just see the anglers, or even just the fish — you see the soul of the sport itself. It’s for this reason that Ribbner has found such success, with his work being featured most notably in Marlin Magazine, among other publications.

In this episode, Ribbner and his mate pull beauty after beauty out of the water, watching as the enormous fish thrash against the water’s surface with an X-Rap® Magnum Xplode® plunged securely into their mouths.

The X-Rap® Magnum Xplode was designed with a thick-walled ABS body, through wire construction and extreme duty VMC hooks to withstand and conquer the most vicious of strikes. This topwater lure features a custom, low-position line tie that pulls the lure downward when retrieved while the deep-cupped face creates a monumental surface explosion with each sweep.

Boasting the tried-and-true X-Rap design, the Xplode is rear-weighted for the perfect resting position. For an even more sure bite, this lure is hung with VMC® 75 Series™ 6X Tropic Spark Point hooks, connected with heavy-duty split rings. The No. 2/0 model has a body length of 5-1/4″ and a weight of 2-3/16 ounces, while the No. 5/0 model has a body length of 6-¾’’ and a weight of 5 ounces.

Distance is no match for the Xplode. If this lure can reel in the best of the best in these entirely unique environments, separated by hundreds of miles, just imagine what it can achieve anywhere else.

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