Pop quiz: What can move more water, a cup or a blade? Answer seem obvious? Keep that in mind when considering the new Terminator® Shuddering Bait and its unique, cupped swimming lip.

“There is no other vibrating swim jig on the market that moves nearly as much water as the Shuddering Bait does,” says Bassmaster Elite Pro Ott DeFoe. “The amount of vibration this dude puts off is second to none among bladed jigs.”

While a Shuddering Bait resembles a bladed jig, Terminator has innovated far beyond that template. “Most bladed jigs have a really thin, flat metal blade,” DeFoe explains. “The Shuddering Bait’s ‘blade’ is very different. It’s actually a cupped plastic swimming lip that catches and displaces water ahead of it.”

That innovation imbues the entire bait – including blade, jighead, skirt and soft-plastic trailer – with a unique, side-to-side shimmy. The resulting vibrations emulate feeding predatory fish, triggering strikes. “That’s really important when those bass are feeding heavy,” DeFoe says.

That’s important in stained and muddy water too, says Bassmaster Elite Pro Dave Lefebre.

“There are a lot of different bladed-jig-makers, a lot of different styles, but no one ever had one that I felt worked really well in the muddiest of water until I got my hands on this” Lefebre says. “It’s just got a really, really good thump to it.”

The Terminator Shuddering Bait comes in two sizes, 3/8 and 1/2 ounces.

“They’re heavy enough that I can make very targeted, low, underhand casts with them,” DeFoe says. “So it’s not just an open-water, chunk-and-wind bait.”

Armed for heavy combat with big bass, Shuddering Baits come with premium 5/0 VMC® hooks. “We’ve designed this to where it will handle big fish,” DeFoe says. “It’s also got really strong components. From the snap to the split-ring that attaches the blade to the head, every piece of it is geared to catching big fish.”

That’s music to Lefebre’s ears. “A lot of times, I’ve caught the biggest fish of my tournament on a bladed jig,” he says.

Shuddering Baits feature lifelike, interchangeable silicone skirts available in nine baitfish patterns paired with six blade colors: Chartreuse and White Shad (gold blade), Silver Shiner (silver blade), Crawdad (brown blade), Green Pumpkin (green pumpkin blade), Glimmer Blue Shad (clear blade), Nest Robber (brown blade), Dirty Chartreuse Shad (clear blade), Black Blue Purple (black blade) and Texas Craw (black blade).

“The ability to match the blade to the bait is something that with most bladed jigs, you just don’t have,” DeFoe says. “And you can have a matte-finish blade that doesn’t have the flash when you don’t want it.”

A stainless-steel keeper ensures your favorite soft-plastic trailer stays in place, cast after cast. “Having a trailer keeper extends the life of that bait and it makes more of your casts productive,” DeFoe explains. “Because your trailer’s going to stay in place, where it needs to be.”

Shuddering Bait jigheads are purpose-built for bass fishing as well. “It’s got a great head design – it comes through cover extremely well,” DeFoe says.

The jigheads – pre-rigged with complementary skit colors – come in five colors: white/chartreuse, white black shadow, black, green pumpkin, brown, brown/orange, white/sparkle and chartreuse/black fleck.

“When you think you just can’t get a bite – this is one of those baits that will get you a bite,” Lefebre says.

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