Target Big Saltwater Species Top Side with New X-Rap® Magnum Xplode® Topwater Hardbait

Designed to trigger and withstand the most vicious strikes from the biggest gamefish, Rapala’s new X-Rap® Magnum Xplode® is the popper that extreme anglers have been waiting for.

“Rapala® has always made great topwater lures,” said Lee Rayner, host of Lee Rayner’s Fishing Edge TV show. “And with this X-Rap Magnum Xplode, they’ve launched into the big-fish topwater market. It’s an absolute winner for targeting big topwater species.”

The X-Rap Magnum Xplode features a custom, low-position line-tie that pulls the lure downward when retrieved, causing the deep-cupped face to create a monumental surface explosion with every rod sweep. It’s a multi-species attractor, wildly productive in both saltwater and freshwater.

“In calm or rough water, with its low tow-point, this popper is incredible,” Rayner said. “With that deep cup, it throws a huge explosion every time that’ll pull fish from a long way away.”

A rear-weighted design allows the Xplode to cast “like a rocket” and hang almost vertically and on the pause, an orientation that “increases your hook-up rate,” Rayner said.

Several additional features distinguish the Xplode from similar-looking but lesser-quality poppers, he noted. These include a thick-walled ABS body, through-wire construction and extreme-duty VMC® 75 Series™ 6X Tropic Spark Point treble hooks hung on heavy-duty split rings.

The Rapala X-Rap Xplode baits are available in six colors: Ayu, Blue Sardine, Dorado, Mullet, Flying Fish (UV) and Hot Wahoo (UV). The are available in two sizes. The 5.25-inch model weighs 2-3/16th oz. and comes armed with two 2/0 treble hooks. The 6 ¾-inch model weighs 5 oz. and comes armed with two 5/0 trebles.

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