Sneak Peek Product Launches for ICAST® 2019

Storm® Arashi® Glide Bait
After years of design and testing with Brandon Palaniuk here in the United States and in Japan, the Arashi® Glide Bait is finally here. It delivers a fine-tuned, consistent stable glide at every speed and is developed to sink slowly and respond to the slightest line movement.  The Arashi® Glide has a versatile action, triple-pin hinge construction merged with swiveling hooks for reduced leverage; with precision color patterns ending in an unbeatable masterpiece of lure design.

Sufix® Advance® Fluorocarbon
Try to create a Fluorocarbon that blows away the likes of Terry Bolton, Jacob Wheeler or Seth Feider.  Proven and tested by these anglers for a year now, Sufix® Advance® Fluorocarbon has a new proprietary Gel Phase Technology process producing the ultimate handling, performance and clarity essential to the most discriminating anglers.  It exclusively helped Terry Bolton win the 2019 FLW Sam Rayburn 1st Place!  If you see Seth Felder – ask him if he has ever broke it!  Hello, future….

VMC® Bladed Hybrid Treble Short
VMC® continues momentum by applying new innovation to the 2019 Bassmaster Classic winning treble hook. This new IKE APPROVED concept is a swivel and blade combination securely nested and enclosed on a VMC® hybrid treble with a powerful epoxy resin. Our VMC® pros asked us not to launch this hook so they could keep it a secret. Take a bait that is already good and make it better with extra flash and vibrations.  Multi-species modifications on crankbaits, swimbaits, topwater, spoons, jerkbaits and more.

Luhr Jensen® Coyote Cyclone™
Luhr Jensen® brings a Patent Pending design to an accessory like never seen before.  The center “cyclone” blade rotates independently adding a strobing flash and vibration while the Coyote Flasher rolls in a wide elliptical pattern imparting fish attracting flash and motion within a big water trolling application.  Built with a kick fin to keep the flasher rolling over a wide range of speeds.  11 color patterns consisting of UV bright colors and glow moon jelly patterns.  Available in 2 sizes.

Rapala® Hooded Sweatshirts
The ultimate combination of comfort, function and warmth brings a fresh look to one of the most Classic brands in fishing.  Full fleece interior keeps you cozy without being too heavy.  The hoodies feature premium materials,, kangaroo pouch and dye-sub logo proudly displaying a passion for fishing.  Offered in 4 traditional styles as well as 2 new glare patterns like the one on display.  On or off the water, performance is the name of our game.

StrikeMaster® Lite-Flite Lazer™ Drill Unit
The ultimate advancement for run & gun Ice trolling!  Built with Innovation from head to toe, including a segmented flight molded with a proprietary blend of synthetic resins, heavy-duty steel shaft, drill adapter and safety flange, and twin chrome-alloy stainless steel lazer blades!  The new Lightweight Lite-Flite-Lazer™ is up to 3 times faster than the competition.  Speed and efficiency results in the most holes ever drilled with a 18v brushless hand-held drill.  Available in 6” and 8” drill.

Coming soon to a retailer near you.

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