Sharp Hooks, More Fish. Use VMC® Replacement Hooks for Rapala® Saltwater Lures

Do you feel a need to replace the original hooks on your Rapala lures? Some anglers do. Many saltwater guides and pro-anglers do, too. Some even do so religiously, making a point of changing out their hooks before the beginning of each fishing season or throughout the season based on the amount of action they’re getting.

Based on the species being targeted or the underwater structure that may be encountered, some saltwater guides and pros even like to trade out the treble hooks on a Rapala® lure for inline single hooks, and vice versa.

Regardless of why you want to switch out your hooks, here’s a friendly word of advice: Don’t replace the hooks on your Rapala lures with any ol’ hooks. That will not do.


Would a Ford truck owner put genuine Chevy truck parts on their truck?

Heck no.

Would a Harley-Davidson motorcycle owner entertain the use of Honda motorcycle parts on their hog?

Double, triple over my dead body, h*ll no!

The fact is, all Rapala fishing lures are designed with only one brand of hook – genuine VMC® hooks, which are part of the Rapala family of respected brands. We consider VMC hooks the best fishing hooks on the planet. Period. And that’s why only VMC hooks are on Rapala lures.

Because VMC hooks are highly engineered and matched exactly for each type of Rapala lure,  we’ve created the one and only official Rapala lure hook replacement chart for our most popular saltwater Rapala lures.

This chart shows which inline single and treble VMC hooks are recommended for a select number of saltwater Rapala lures.

VMC® hooks are available through your trusted fishing tackle retailer or through

So hook up with the best – original VMC hooks designed for Rapala lures, which account for more IGFA-certified world records than any fishing lure on the planet.

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