Santa Bass is Back with 10 Can’t-Miss Holiday Gift Ideas for Those Who Love Fishing

Are you searching for holiday gift ideas for a friend, co-worker, or loved one who loves fishing and being in the outdoors? If so, here are 10 incredible gift ideas and stocking stuffers that are sure to bring a smile to their face.

Cold-Weather Gear – Some anglers love fishing all year long – even when it’s icy cold outside. Get them jackets, bibs and gloves designed specifically for ice fishing anglers who want to brave the cold. StrikeMaster is one of the most well-known and trusted names for ice fishing augers and ice fishing gear.

Fillet Knives – Sometimes you want to keep and cook the fish you’ve caught. As fun as that sounds, it’s the filleting the fish part that few truly enjoy. But no more. High quality electric fillet knives make filleting fish a breeze, and they also can be used to carve up turkey, chicken, beef and pork, too!

Fishing Lures – For the angler who has practically every fishing lure ever made, there’s only one lure that you can’t have too many of – a Rapala lure. This legendary lure is made with balsa wood and accounts for more world record fish than any other fishing lure ever made. The X-Rap is considered one the best multispecies fishing lures ever made. It catches everything.

Hoodies with UV Protection – When the temperatures start to rise, the best way to stay cool and comfortable on and off the water is with a high performance hooded long-sleeve shirt. It offers style combined with function with a trend-forward design, UPF 50+ UV sun protection, and moisture-wicking performance.

Rain Gear When the rain is falling, the wind picks up and water gets choppy, there’s nothing more miserable than getting wet while fishing. If you really care about your favorite angler, get them a high-quality rain suit (jacket and bibs) designed by professional anglers and guides.

Fishing LineLooking for a perfect stocking stuffer idea? Drop in a spool of really high quality fishing line in with the treats and the obligatory orange. Sufix makes fishing lines for nearly every type of fishing situation – freshwater, saltwater and hardwater (ice fishing). If you want to really surprise your favorite angler, give them Sufix 832 Advanced Superline, a fishing line often used by many of the top fishing pros in the U.S.

Weigh Scales Believe it or not, some anglers really do want to know exactly how much their catch weighs. A weigh scale with Touch Screen capabilities is each to use and can help an angler track their catches all day long.

Essential Outdoor Tools Some fish have really sharp teeth and need to be carefully handled. Keep your favorite angler safe with high quality tools designed specifically to help anglers remove hooks, tie knots, cut line, store hooks and lures, and much, much more. Fishing gloves are essential in protecting hands while removing fish, too.

Giant Fishing Lure – For those who eat, sleep and breathe fishing, consider a giant replica fishing lure. It’s the perfect decoration for a home office, fishing cabin, or a man cave.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas Looking for some more fun ideas? Consider giving your favorite angler a new fishing lure key chain, a deck of cards and cribbage board, or a traveling coffee mug, a fishing lure-inspired bottle opener, a fishing line remover or even, a fish counter, all of which can easily fit in a stocking and many items cost $25 or less.

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