Rapala’s Cody Huff kicking off 2020 bass season with a bang

Cody Huff is on a roll. In the last two weeks, the Bethel University senior won an FLW Toyota Series tournament and co-won a Carthartt Bassmaster College Series derby, both on Louisiana’s Toledo Bend Reservoir.

“The kid’s on fire,” says Rapala® Field Promotions Manager Dan Quinn, who recruited Huff for Rapala’s 2020 Pro Staff. “It’s been fun to see him start the season with such success.”

Huff got on Quinn’s radar after he qualified for the 2020 Bassmaster Classic by winning the Bassmaster college division in 2019. Upon meeting him, Quinn knew he’d make a great addition to Rapala’s Pro Staff.

“He’s a good, respectful young kid who’s got a heck of a track record in college fishing,” Quinn says. “He’s got a bright future.”

Huff is excited to represent Rapala, the company that makes a bait that’s been among his favorites for years.

“I’m looking forward to getting the opportunity to work with a great company and great people,” says Huff, an Ava, MO, native. “Ever since I was a little kid, growing up in the Ozarks, we always caught bass crankin’ the banks with Rapala DT-10s. Then over the years, I learned about all the other baits Rapala makes that catch fish, in addition to those crankbaits.”

His other favorite Rapala baits are Shadow Rap® jerkbaits and Jigging Raps. Last month, in a column for Bassmaster.com, he detailed how he uses both those baits to catch bass in cold water. You can read that column here.

A Rapala DT-6 crankbait, Huff anticipates, will be a key player next month in the Bassmaster Classic on Alabama’s Lake Guntersville.

“Everybody knows that whenever you’re fishing submerged hydrilla, you can whack ‘em on a DT-6,” Huff says. “It is the go-to bait – one of the best presentations – to catch ‘em in that grass. When I’m at Guntersville, that’ going to be one of my main baits.”

Not to mention, the rest of the season.

“A DT-6 is something I have tied on every lake I go to,” Huff says.

In addition to Carhartt College Series and Toyota FLW Series tournaments, Huff will be competing in Bassmaster Opens this season.

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