Rapala® Glass Shad Raps Available in New Color Combos

Only in a stained-glass window could you find more elaborate combinations of colored glass than in Rapala’s line-up of new Glass Shad Rap® designs. A clear-water crankbait anglers have long relied upon is now available in six new brilliant patterns of “stained glass.”

The next time you’re targeting walleye or bass in crystal-clear water – especially if they’re schooled up and suspending – you can have confidence that a Glass Shad Rap in any of the following new color patterns will help you put more fish in the boat:

Glass Black Wonder Bread – Clear-transparent back and belly, black head and throat, yellow-and-black eyes, and clear-transparent sides with three large spots – one chartreuse, one cotton-candy pink and one sky-blue blue.

Glass Fruit Punch – Black-purple back, pink-orange belly, chartreuse head with yellow-and-black eyes, and translucent pink sides with several thick, black baitfish stripes.

Glass Juicy Lucy – Orange head and throat, yellow-and-black eyes, and translucent, shiny gold body with several vertical, yellow baitfish stripes.

Glass Pink Squirrel – Clear-transparent back and belly, shiny cotton-candy pink head, yellow-and-black eyes, and clear-transparent sides with several black baitfish spots.

Glass Slimy Lime – Translucent chartreuse back and belly, day-glow-green head and throat, and translucent chartreuse sides with several large, black baitfish spots.

Glass Voodoo Haze – Shiny grape-gum-purple back, shiny cotton-candy-pink belly, shiny grape-gum-purple head and throat, yellow-and-black eyes, and shiny translucent sides with several large, chartreuse baitfish stripes.

Anglers whose home water is of such high clarity that it’s practically invisible prize Glass Shad Raps for the way their translucent glass bodies “come alive” in clear water on both bright and sunny days and in low-light periods, like around dusk and dawn. Holographic foil inserts within the long-casting bait’s see-through glass body imbue it with an almost chameleon-like quality, enabling it to both absorb and bounce back the color of its surroundings with an inimitable iridescent glow.

When you find walleye or bass schooled up and suspended – especially in clear, medium-depth to deep water – tie on a Glass Shad Rap and pull it right through the school. You can troll it or cast and retrieve it. Glass Shad Raps dive a bit deeper than balsa-built Shad Raps of the same length. When trolled, they track tightly at even fast speeds.

Glass Shad Raps swim with a slightly different action than their balsawood brethren. They suspend when paused on the retrieve. They’re equipped with an internal rattle that attracts gamefish attention with vibration and sound. They come armed with two sticky-sharp VMC black-nickel treble hooks.

The No. 4 Glass Shad Rap runs between five and 11 feet deep. The No. 5 runs from 7 to 11 feet. The No. 7 runs from 7 to 15 feet. The No. 4 measures 1-½ inches and weighs 3/16 oz. The No. 5 measures 2 inches and weighs 5/16 oz. The No. 7 measures 2-3/4 inches and weighs 7/16 oz.

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