Rapala® Dishes Up Deep Tail Dancers in Sherbet Colors That Deliver Ice Cream Satisfaction

I like sherbet better than ice cream, said no kid ever. So it is with a walleye offered a lure trying to look like a Rapala® – “Wait, what? Hard pass!” And there lies the genius in Rapala’s recipe for sweet success in dishing up delicious confections of colorful design flair and fish-attracting action – sherbet colors with ice cream satisfaction.

Like sherbet, the new color patterns offered Deep Tail Dancers is bright and eye-catching and a little outrageous. And like ice cream, these baits don’t disappoint. Walleye satisfaction will be guaranteed when you tie on a Deep Tail Dancer® in one of the following new designs.

Glow Pink Squirrel – White back, white belly, cotton-candy-pink tail, head and throat, yellow-and-black eyes, and white sides featuring four black baitfish spots.

Slimy Lime – Chartreuse back and belly, day-glow-green head and throat, and chartreuse sides featuring three large, black baitfish spots.

Voodoo Haze – Metallic grape-gum purple back, metallic cotton-candy pink belly, metallic grape-gum purple head and throat, yellow-and-black eyes, and chrome sides with three large, vertical chartreuse baitfish stripes.

Black Wonder Bread – White-silver back and belly, black head and throat, yellow-and-black eyes, and silver sides printed with three large, day-glow baitfish spots in the colors of chartreuse, cotton-candy pink and sky-blue.

Black Light – Black back and tail, cotton-candy-pink head and throat, yellow-and-black eyes, and black sides with three large, grape-gum-purple baitfish spots.

Juicy Lucy – Metallic-gold body, orange head and throat, yellow-and-black eyes, and metallic gold sides with three vertical, yellow baitfish stripes.

Savvy anglers have long relied on Deep Tail Dancers to catch gamefish that are unreachable with other baits. An enlarged, deep-diving lip enables a Deep Tail Dancer to reach strike-zones as deep as 30 feet without adding an accessory weight. The No. 7 Deep Tail Dancer will dive to a maximum depth of 15 feet. The No. 9 can reach 20 feet. The No. 11 model will dive as deep as 30 feet. Rapala offers three models of shallow-running Tail Dancers as well.

Both Deep and original Tail Dancer® feature a “banana” shape design unique in Rapala’s vast line-up of crankbaits carved from balsawood. That profile-design tweak enhances a Tail Dancer’s classic, Rapala “wounded-minnow” action with the addition of a deadly wide-tail wobble. An internal rattle system adds vibration to the lure’s list of strike-triggering attributes.

Hand-tuned and tank-tested, Deep Tail Dancers swim perfect right out of the box. VMC black-nickel treble hooks arm them with quick-piercing sharpness and strength enough to withstand fierce battles with big, predatory gamefish.

The No. 7 Deep Tail Dancer measures 2-3/4 inches and weighs 5/16 oz. The No. 9 measures 3 1/2 inches and weighs 7/16 oz. The No. 11 measures 4-3/8 inches and weighs 3/4 oz.


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